8 Episodes

Series by Nuanse Entertainment now streaming on OTV.

Anthology is a narrative series that follows the life-altering events of 6 twenty-somethings during one summer in New York City.

CONTENT WARNING: profanity, excessive alcohol use, self-harm, recreational marijuana use, adult themes, death/grief

The series offers an alternative for audiences who are tired of watching the struggling-millennial-New-York-ensemble trope omit people of color. In place of a traditional script, the series is built on a soft-structured outline with improvised dialogue as a way to reflect the raw impulsivity, grit, and chaos inherent to this contemporary, American experience.

The 8-episode main season of ""Anthology"" was released in September 2021 on BlackOak TV. You can learn more via our press kit for Anthology: The series features an incredible soundtrack, including music from Jamie Woods, a 2x Grammy Award winning vocalist (Chance The Rapper). Music from the series can be found on our Spotify playlist ( The series also received a lovely write-up from Starry Mag:

Anthology is a drama. And a comedy. It’s a love story. It’s about fboys and addiction. And grief. It’s about broken friendships, familial ties, and following your dreams. It’s about the constant pursuit of trying to better oneself amidst the compounding struggles of daily life. The ""big city"" and the pursuit of success wears on your soul. Life beats you down. All you can do is keep getting back up. These characters, however flawed, keep on trying. And we love them for it. #SixLivesOneStory


In 2013, a 6-episode Pilot season of “Anthology” was released; each of these original “minisodes” introduces a single character. That year, Episode 2, “Ricki” won the “Silver Whiskers (Best of Fest) award at IndieWorks September Web Series Event. The Pilot season went on to screen at the Filmmakers’ Corner Film Festival, Bondfire Radio’s Short Film Night, and Web Series Wednesday, hosted by the Black TV and Film Collective and Black Film Space. In 2015, the Pilot season received distribution through Kweli.TV, an interactive streaming platform dedicated to the stories, issues and culture of the African diaspora.

  • Anthology (S1, E1)

    Episode 1

    The year is 2014, and John, Will, Ricki, Devina, Reid and Ashley R. are an unlikely ensemble of 20-somethings trying to navigate life in the big city. Burgeoning careers, substance abuse, relationships, and chasing one’s dreams are all explored in this season. The actors improvise their dialogue ...

  • Anthology (S1, E2)

    Episode 2

    John leaves the nest. Devina explores a new passion. Reid lets his guard down. Ricki connects with some old friends. Will and his girlfriend spend the afternoon at his parents' house. Ashley tells her side of the story...No pressure. #SixLivesOneStory

  • Anthology (S1, E3)

    Episode 3

    Reid tells Ashley about his trip. Devina finds something better to do. Will's romantic life affects his other relationships. Ricki forces a long-awaited conversation...We're good, right? #SixLivesOneStory

  • Anthology (S1, E4)

    Episode 4

    We 'bout to hit the club, yall!...What could go wrong? #SixLivesOneStory

  • Anthology (S1, E5)

    Episode 5

    Reid shows up. Ashley takes a next step. John listens in on Esther's community group. Devina awakes to some interesting new faces...We got this. #SixLivesOneStory

  • Anthology (S1, E6)

    Episode 6

    John and Maya have a heart to heart. Devina discovers an interesting opportunity. Reid poses an important question...Just when you think you've got it figured out. #SixLivesOneStory

  • Anthology (S1, E7)

    Episode 7

    Some days just be like that. #SixLivesOneStory

  • Anthology (S1, E8)

    Episode 8

    In the series finale, worlds collide and a new day arrives. #SixLivesOneStory