Been T/Here

Been T/Here

7 Episodes

How do trans* people of color thrive? Join Chicagoans on their journey to find love, creativity, and healing in BeenT/Here. America may be discovering trans* people, but they've been here all along. Peel back the hype to share genuine moments with a nerdy immigrant, a kinky organizer, a catholic punk, and more. How did you find love? What inspires you? What keeps you going? Join us on our journeys and you may even find that you've been there too.

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Been T/Here
  • Been T/Here (S1, E1) - Riot Grrrl Heart

    Episode 1

    Can wearing a suit be punk rock? A riot grrrl at heart, Crispin Torres contemplates his journey to navigate his catholic faith and how he eventually found love in a bandmate.

  • Been T/Here (S1, E2) - Lessons Learned

    Episode 2

    Known as Mama in the gayborhood, Gloria Allen shares a few of the lessons she learned from her own beauty-queen-of-a mother and from a tumultuous twenty-year relationship with a man on the down-low.

  • Been T/Here (S1, E3) - Suddenly, It All Changed

    Episode 3

    E Armea builds architectural models in the day and community at night. Having sworn off dating white people years ago, he finds love where he least expects and is changed by the experience.

  • Been T/Here (S1, E4) - Practicing Love

    Episode 4

    In search of accomplices, frenemies, and boy toys, Karari is learning how to best love others and herself.

  • Been T/Here (S1, E5) - The Best Friend I Ever Had

    Episode 5

    A co-founder of the Trans Lifeline, NinĂ¡ gets personal about the journey for authenticity and connection took her from Mumbai to San Francisco.

  • Been T/Here (S1, E6) - In the Knowing of Me

    Episode 6

    An eccentric artist and 5th generation descendant of a voodoo priestess, Darling Shear causes awareness to vibrational alignment by day and restages historical jazz numbers by night.

  • Been T/Here (S1, E7) - Art is Essential

    Episode 7

    NIC Kay was hypnotized by the beat from a young age. They taught themself to vogue, and is on their most personal journey so far, sharing their early life through movement.