Born & Raised

Born & Raised

3 Episodes

Set in the gentrifying neighborhood of Logan Square, Chicago, the series offers intimate portraits of a community exploring their own expressions of Latinidad, while struggling with change, displacement, and resistance.

Born & Raised
  • Born & Raised (S1, E1)

    Episode 1

    Carlos and Deisy's neighborhood-spanning search to reconnect to each other and to the transforming community causes them to explore the fault lines of class mobility, authenticity, and cultural appropriation.

  • Born & Raised (S1, E2)

    Episode 2

    Reyna, a newly elected and idealistic alderwoman, struggles to come to terms with her partner Iman's career choices. When she pressures Reyna into approving a zoning change against the community’s interests, it pushes both of them to reexamine their priorities and their relationship.

  • Born & Raised (S1, E3)

    Episode 3

    A volunteer church van driver traverses the edges of the city in search of his fellow congregants in order to take them back to the old neighborhood for mass. When one of their flock is in need, they band together to help and learn the true meaning of community.