#BraveFutures Collection

#BraveFutures Collection

6 Seasons

Brave Futures Film Race challenges creatives, filmmakers and storytellers of all skill levels to produce a film in 48 hours or less.

#BraveFutures Collection
  • Where Do We Go From Here?

    Episode 1

    When the original cast fails to show up for a film shooting, 4 actors and 2 videographers spontaneously come together to create a film. With only three hours to be together, what comes after is a conversation on now, never, future, whether.

  • Here Is Where You'll Find Me

    Episode 2

  • When Rivers Run Into The Ocean

    Episode 3

    Experimental film about the time, collective consciousness and the confusion of our individual actions.

  • Seven of Tentacles

    Episode 4

    The Oktopus can rapidly alter its shape and colour to adapt to any situation, communicate emotions or escape from danger. When self care becomes synonymous with self-optimisation and pop culture aestheticizes diverse sisterhood without acknowledging its complexity – what can we learn from these d...

  • Dickes Fell (Thick Skin)

    Episode 5

    Das Leben lehrt uns: „Du brauchst ein dickes Fell, wenn du überleben willst!“ Jeder Nieder-/Schlag, eine weitere Schicht. Je dicker, desto safer. Doch was ist, wenn ich nicht nur überleben will? Wenn das Fell zu schwer, der Schutz zur Last wird, und der Drang nach Ich-Sein schreit. Wo kann ich na...

  • Freedom Ticket

    Episode 6

    Freedom ticket is a short film that questions government-funded security and safety in public places, in particular in Berlin public transportation. It references real and current events of crime and brutality and highlights victims that are marginalized groups from the black and LGBTQI•+ communi...