A short film and extras created in Oakland, California during Brave Futures Film Race Fall/Winter 2020. The Brave Futures Film Race challenges creatives, filmmakers and storytellers of all skills levels to produce a film in 48 hours or less.

  • #TEAMBAYAGENDA - What Brave Means

    #TEAMBAYAGENDA answering what brave means to them during the #BRAVEFUTURES FILM RACE F/W 2020

  • The Trance

    A Seeker meets with an Oracle, looking for answers. Their meeting spurs a trance, revealing spirits, creatures, visions and other deep downloads from the 5th dimension.

    Created by: #TeamBayAgenda (Chibueze Crouch, GG Torres, Naomi Le, KaliMa Amilak, Gabriel Christian)
    Location: Oakland, Californ...

  • The Making of "The Trance"

    A behind-the-scenes look at the making of "The Trance" by #TEAMBAYAGENDA. "The Trance" was created during the Brave Futures Film Race Fall/Winter 2020.

  • The Trance - Trailer

    #TEAMBAYAGENDA presents: The Trance - Trailer