#BraveFutures Playlist

#BraveFutures Playlist

Dive into films developed during the #BraveFuturesFilmRace in London, the US, Germany, and South Africa.

Borrowing elements found in traditional 48-hour film competitions from around the world, #BraveFutures reimagines the concept by challenging creatives, storytellers and filmmakers of all skill levels to create short-films exploring authentic themes that relate to their intersectional experiences and identities. Through is program, OTV believes it is imperative that artists are able to dream and build #BraveFutures that are unapologetically QUEER / TRANS / FEMME /NON-BINARY / DISABLED / FAT / WOKE / BROKE / LIVING / AND MORE.

2023: #BraveFutures Cape Town, South Africa
2022: #BraveFutures London, UK
2021: #BraveFutures Guadalajara, Mexico
Fall/Winter 2020: #BraveFutures Brooklyn, Atlanta, Oakland, US
Spring/Summer 2020: #BraveFutures Berlin, Germany
2019: #BraveFutures Johannesburg, South Africa

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#BraveFutures Playlist
  • OTV x TAPE: #BraveFutures London - Teaser (2022)

    Brave Futures is an intersectional film race that challenges storytellers, filmmakers and creatives of all levels to produce an entire short film in 48 hours using one theme, one prop, one action and their city as a canvas. Over two dozen London-based artists work together to create, produce and ...

  • Grass Patch


    "Grass Patch" created by Team Bagels: Yen-Jung (Roni) Niu and Patrick Carlo Bangit.

    This short film is a deep dive that converses with the self - it is the crystallization of all our thoughts, revelations, and traces of our steps in the big city....

  • Wings


    "Wings" created by Rohan Sudan and Sangeetha Veluru

    The story follows a young South Asian woman, as she reflects on two conversations with the two most important people in life; her mother and her boyfriend. Both expect...

  • 64 Squares


    "64 Squares" created by Team Tornadoes: Terunesh Tafari, Suhur Yousouf and Miro Alleyne-Mccarthy.

    Omar is being held in captivity by shadow government agents. Their aim is to prevent further political dissent by capturing leaders involved in the rec...

  • I Am the Impossible


    "I Am the Impossible" created by Tulsi Behl, Brendan Harvey, Recel Wynsley Tonelada, Catalina Curbishley, Rebecca Chan and Atom Inions Morton

    An experimental film takes a dancer on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Using an original remixed versio...

  • London is the Place for Me


    "London is the Place for Me" created by Aliyah Qayum, Dani Chukwuezi, Sophie Gouk, Charlie Benjamin and Téa Anya Earle

    The film centres on the duality of mundanity in both routine and escape. The film centres on an Alien litter picker who roams London c...

  • Wanted


    "Wanted" created by Team 4sight: Deborah Igunma, Samuel Fashakin, Ade Balogun, and Joel Weller.

    The police are looking for a suspect who they begin to profile. During the interrogation, the suspect is scrutinized because of their ""Britishness"", thei...

  • OTV x Estudio Teorema: #BraveFutures Guadalajara, Mexico - Teaser (2021)

    The Brave Futures Film Race challenges creatives, filmmakers and storytellers of all skills levels to produce a film in 48 hours or less.

  • Temporada De Naranjas

    En el otoño, mientras las naranjas caen por montones y las orugas se preparan para habitar sus capullos, Sofia y Ana viven juntas el mar de emociones de su transición.

    In the fall, as the oranges fall in piles and the caterpillars prepare to inhabit their cocoons, Sofia and A...

  • De Hombres Hemos De Morir

    En medio de un espacio interior de reflexión, un hombre se pregunta sobre la masculinidad y lo que significa ser hombre, ¿hay posibilidad de que en el futuro la categoría hombre no sea violenta consigo misma y con las demás?

    In the middle of an interior space for reflection, a ...

  • Soy Reclamo

    ESPA˜NOL: Cuerpos que se fragmentan, cuerpos que quieren dejar de ser cuerpos. Cuerpos que reclaman su lugar en una fiesta. Cuerpos que reclaman su lugar.

    Bodies that are fragmented, bodies that want to stop being bodies. Bodies that claim their place at a party. Bodies that claim the...

  • The Trance

    A Seeker meets with an Oracle, looking for answers. Their meeting spurs a trance, revealing spirits, creatures, visions and other deep downloads from the 5th dimension.

    Created by: #TeamBayAgenda (Chibueze Crouch, GG Torres, Naomi Le, KaliMa Amilak, Gabriel Christian)
    Location: Oakland, Californ...

  • The Awakening

    A young musician turns to a self-help podcast for support but soon learns it may be doing more harm than good.

    Created by: #TeamLuxeBunny (Oliver Morrow, Randall Morris, Syan Rose)
    Location: Brooklyn, New York
    Awards: Most International Film Award // The Time Is Now Award

  • Capacity

    Calen, a queer black woman, navigates her inner turmoil, anxiety and worldly external forces while receiving guidance from her ancestor Dula to seek and find her fearlessness. She realizes she's always had the power within to conquer her fears, and find her brave future.

    Created by: #TeamCalend...

  • #BraveFutures Performance: SATURN RISN9 (2020)

    Tune in as Saturn Risin9 activates the pop-star in all of us at the 2020 #BraveFutures Awards Show.

  • #BraveFutures Performance: MISS BOOGIE (2020)

    Tune in as Miss Boogie manifests fem queen joy at the 2020 #BraveFutures Awards Show. )

  • #BraveFutures Performance: TAYLOR ALXNDR (2020)

    Tune in as Taylor Alxndr reminds us how to fall in love at the 2020 #BraveFutures Awards Show.

  • #BraveFutures Performance: DEMETRUEST (2020)

    Tune in as Demetruest teleports to a lush fantasy at the 2020 #BraveFutures Awards Show.

  • OTV x DADDY: #BraveFutures Berlin, Germany - Teaser (2020)

    Brave Futures Film Race is an intersectional competition that challenges creatives, storytellers filmmakers of all levels to create an entire short film in 48 hours. More information here: www.bravefuturesfilmrace.com

  • Dickes Fell (Thick Skin)

    Das Leben lehrt uns: „Du brauchst ein dickes Fell, wenn du überleben willst!“ Jeder Nieder-/Schlag, eine weitere Schicht. Je dicker, desto safer. Doch was ist, wenn ich nicht nur überleben will? Wenn das Fell zu schwer, der Schutz zur Last wird, und der Drang nach Ich-Sein schreit. Wo kann ich na...

  • Where Do We Go From Here?

    Team Name: Santos Schwarze (Nasheeka Nedsreal, Ze de Paiva, Kathleen Kunath, Chinedum Muotto, Danielle Bullock, Khadijah Gray)

    Film Synopsis: When the original cast fails to show up for a film shooting, 4 actors and 2 videographers spontaneously come together to create a film. With only three ...

  • When Rivers Run Into The Ocean

    Team Name: When Rivers Run Into the Ocean (Daniele Caetano, Natasha Vergilio)

    Film Synopsis: Experimental film about the time, collective consciousness and the confusion of our individual actions.

  • Here Is Where You'll Find Me

    Team Name: Sunlight (Jacob Lefton, Betty Kaplan, Thabo Thindi, Pussy Ranz, Joris Dragoman, Henriette Abitz, Minuit De Lacroix)

    Film Synopsis: A wanderer looks for his past but a present stranger interrupts him.

  • Seven of Tentacles

    Team Name: OKTOPUS (Melanie Lyn, Lydia Sarges, Miriam Chebaibai Koch, Sarah Mounia Kachiri, Elsa Klée, Aureille, Klara Mohammadi)

    Film Synopsis: The Oktopus can rapidly alter its shape and colour to adapt to any situation, communicate emotions or escape from danger. When self care becomes syn...