Bronx Cunt Tour

Bronx Cunt Tour

5 Episodes

Emerging Artists Nic Kay takes solo performance #LILBLK on the road in the Bronx cunt tour.

Bronx Cunt Tour
  • Bronx Cunt Tour (S1, E1)

    Episode 1

    In this first episode, NIC Kay captures private moments, conversations with friends, urban landscapes with an unfiltered feel, while blurring the boundaries of choreography and improvisation.

  • Bronx Cunt Tour (S1, E2)

    Episode 2

    In this second episode NIC Kay gives us background of what later would become the solo performance lil BLK, which debuted in September 2015 in Chicago at Links Hall.

    // CREW //

    Director, Producer, Editor, and Composer // NIC Kay
    Videography // IAMKIAM Studios, Curtius Matzke, Ayanah, Nana

  • Bronx Cunt Tour (S1, E3)

    Episode 3

    In this third episode, NIC Kay is in Atlanta for AfroPunk, which was canceled, but they instead organize an impromptu shared bill with Rashayla Marie Brown.

  • Bronx Cunt Tour (S1, E4)

    Episode 4

    In this fourth episode, NIC Kay goes International and gets experimental in Berlin at the Queer Institute.

  • Bronx Cunt Tour (S1, E5)

    Episode 5

    In this fifth episode, NIC Kay ends the Bronx Cunt Tour on a reflective note in Toronto. Sharing a collage of performance documentation and a unique archive of movement research, personal narrative, and space to contemplate what this artistic journey has been about. Ending with the poem a litany ...