Club Chicago Television (CCTV)

Club Chicago Television (CCTV)

3 Episodes

Club Chicago Television, or CCTV

A network where you can tune into a different queer club night every week.

Over the summer of 2020, CCTV aimed to broadcast Chicago parties, DJs, performers, and organizations that are leading and shaping the way to a brighter future in Chicago. Each broadcast features a party collaboration with different DJs and performers, in an effort to bring the queer nightlife scene into your living room, laptop, or phone screen during the age of the coronavirus pandemic. Tune in for a taste of the queer club scene of Chicago.

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Club Chicago Television (CCTV)
  • CCTV: Satanic Panic (S1, E1)

    Episode 1

    Club Chicago Television featuring A Queer Pride, Molasses, In the Middle, komfortloch, Swoon, Clubwives and Perfect Dark.

  • CCTV: Bimbo Himbo Thembo / Third Wave Carry (S1, E2)

    Episode 2

    Swoon and Molasses join forces to through two simultaneous parties; be a dom for a kinky and sensual night with Swoon's bondage driven Bimbo/Himbo/Thembo; and smoke a blunt and shake your asses off to Molasses' Third Wave Carry.

  • CCTV: Perfect Dark (S1, E3)

    Episode 3

    Hijo PrĂ³digo's experimental club night named after the iconic video game gets a URL treatment. DJ sets from around the world set on an imagined digital beach. Equally parts chill and rave.