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  • Prodigal Sun


    Short coming to OTV October 12.

    Soon after Evelyn realizes she is transgender, her parents sense she is simultaneously experiencing mental illness. As Evelyn struggles for independence, afraid of losing herself to her role in her nuclear family, her parents must fight to keep her safe. Prodigal...

  • The Real Dance

    1 season

    The Real Dance: A Micro Reality TV Show is a web series that approaches contemporary dancemaking through the low-stakes, high-investment aesthetic & entertainment lens of reality TV, focusing on the daily lives, dramas, and backstories of people who make dance, with a particular focus on queer an...

  • Edible


    Short film coming to OTV October 12, 2022.

    Secrets are revealed the night Celeste and her girlfriend Sara try an edible marijuana cookie.

    Damaris Chambers
    Rotana Tarabzouni
    Tara George
    Chances Williams
    Muhsin Fliah

    Writer/Director/Producer: Kandis Go
    Executive Producer: Dwayne Dugger...

  • Low Strung
    2 seasons

    Low Strung

    2 seasons

    Season 2 coming to OTV November 2022.

    Shervin and Victoria experience a number of mini-adventures smattered with elements of the surreal, often blurring the lines themselves using mind-altering drugs. This lends a fresh, satirical, and often perplexing way for the viewer to vicariously experien...

    Movie + 2 extras


    Movie + 2 extras

    Series premieres on OTV on November 13th.

    Manifold is an experimental anthology docuseries exploring the nuances of Black and Queer identity. This collaborative production platforms the creative works and visions of poets, performers, organizers, musicians, and more -- to express the real life ...

  • Tiny Laughs

    1 season

    Series coming to OTV October 12.

    When a queer Latina architect meets a struggling Asian comic who’s just come unemployed, their instant spark sends them on a humorous and heartwarming journey through the city of dreams.

  • Video Vista


    Short film coming to OTV October 12.

    Video Vista is the last remaining video store in Chicago. Bored employee Polly escapes the reality of this dead industry with fantastical daydreams that parody the movies around her as she and her co-workers struggle to make ends meet. When Polly's roommate ...

  • HER: a micro-série

    0 seasons

    Series coming soon to OTV.

    HER: a micro-série is a Coming-of-Age Dramedy about a Black Bisexual Woman who struggles with high functioning depression as she navigates her late twenties. Imani finds escape through dance, dating apps, family, & friends.

  • Roy Kinsey: RBG - Trailer

  • Roy Kinsey at Red Bull Fest: Apple Care

    Roy Kinsey performs his song Apple Care in preparation of Red Bull Fest Chicago

  • Roy Kinsey: Fetish

  • Stuck In Reality

    1 season

    Series by Apoorva Gundeti and Christina Reis coming to OTV in November 2022.

    Stuck in Reality follows two friends, Liz and Riya, who manage a bookstore and find themselves constantly taken advantage of by customers, friends, and even family members. At the beginning of each episode, Liz and Riy...

  • Wavelengths


    Short film coming to OTV October 12.
    Across the Bay Area, illuminated windows reveal volunteers for Exhale, a hotline for people seeking help in processing their abortion experiences. In the still of night, these volunteers lend an ear to those who need it.

  • Lassai Presents: IMMORTAL ☥


    Visual album from Lassai coming to OTV October 12.

    IMMORTAL☥ : living forever; never dying or decaying.

    IMMORTAL☥ sinks into the perspective of Lassai, a black working class queer non binary person surviving in a pro-cishetero, homophobic, transphobic, and racist world. A world that has brutal...

  • Weird Black Kid


    Short film coming to OTV October 12.

    Ke'Von isn't your typical black teenager and he knows it. Trying to grow up with a drugged-out single mother, while his classmates tease him for being the "weird black kid", Key struggles to find his voice. One tragic weekend will change that.

  • In a Lifetime


    Short film coming soon to OTV.

    Olly and Ade are two friends who cherish their bond and relationship. However, one strives to leave the environment by any means while the other grows dependent on the friendship.

  • Noodles & Incense


    Short film coming to OTV October 12.

    “Noodles represent our lives. The longer they are, the more years we have. They separate and tangle, only to come together once more in the broth… The smoke rises to the heavens, and blurs the lines between life and death.”

    When Amy finds out that her girlf...