Coming Soon to OTV

Coming Soon to OTV

Coming Soon to OTV
  • #OTVLIVE: Know We Can

    Created by Chelsea Peterson-Salahuddin
    "Know We Can," is long-form, magazine-style news show featuring interviews with local Chicago Black and of color public intellectuals, activists, and artists about local and current events from an intersectional and Black feminist persp...

  • Black Pill


    Premiering June 12, 2021: In a near-future techno-dystopia, a trans shut in named Ven orders a box of pills off a shady website that promises to make their aberrant and strange fantasies a reality.

  • Some Bitch Was Here: Platinum Edition (Trailer)

    meet saturn, a non binary pop star on the verge of collapse; black kevyn, her consort and antagonist; and death, their guide through the mysterious. sbwh: platinum explores the intersection of black excellence, capitalist decadence and cultural madness in the living and imaginal location of los ...

  • #OTVTonight

    4 seasons

    The annual Intersectional Late Show w/ OTV - Open Television & Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

  • Drive Slow
    Movie + 1 extra

    Drive Slow

    Movie + 1 extra

    Streaming on-demand on April 10, 2021.

    "Drive Slow", follows a teenager from the South-Side of Chicago attempting to finish his college essays. As he struggles to boil down his complex surroundings in 500 words, his friends' disparate opinions, racist news narratives, and the threat of lingerin...

  • Forward Momentum Yoga Series Trailer (Coming 2021)

    Tap into forward momentum through yoga, breath and stillness with a rotating cast of yoga instructors curated by Karla Huffman. In the first season, learn how to cultivate more balance, ignite your core and deepen your stretch through a 3-part series designed for liberation. All levels welcome. L...

  • 35 - Trailer

    In this social thriller, Tonia Stanwell finds herself on a nightmarish quest through a mysterious government agency to get to her 36th birthday. As our protagonist navigates this surreal and absurd world hellbent on preventing her from getting to 36, we examine the social issues and portray the v...

  • Itchy IOUs - Trailer

  • For the Love of Monsters - Trailer

    While visiting her American relatives, Chidinma, a soft-spoken Nigerian girl, notices a
    shadow slinking around the house. She avoids it, spending very little time in her room and
    not sleeping at night. But she fails and the creature comes for her. Her aunt and uncle
    refuse to believe that there’s...