June 1st New Releases

June 1st New Releases

All June 1 releases now streaming on the #OTVApp, all in one continuous playlist.

June 1st New Releases
  • Hotline - Trailer

    Hotline is a murder mystery about Attorney Hazel Clarke. She is a straitlaced perfectionist who only cares about winning court cases. That all changes when her estranged sister Chelsea shows up. Hazel wrestles Chelsea out of her house but not her life. Soon after their reunion, Chelsea's dead bod...

  • Hotline (S1, E1) - Babe, You’re on TV!

    Hazel is scheduled to do a press conference on behalf of her law firm, but she is fearful of facing a grim discovery.

  • Hotline (S1, E2) - Wannabe Oprah

    Jen pushes Hazel into the limelight and they both get more than they bargained for.

  • Hotline (S1, E3) - Cute, Rich, White Guy!?

    Hazel is confronted with an uncomfortable truth at work and is forced to take on a new client.

  • Hotline (S1, E4) You Promised

    Worlds begin to collide and Hazel wants to bury her head in the sand.

  • Hotline (S1, E5) - T.S Betty Crocker

    Hazel gets heated about her work and ice cold with her love life.

  • Hotline (S1, E6) Aren’t You Proud Sis

    Hazel tries to focus on her new life, while Erica focuses on her life outside of their relationship.

  • Hotline (S1, E7) Where, at Trader Joe’s

    Mike applies pressure and gets closer to Pastor than ever before; Hazel doesn’t realize that a storm is brewing.

  • Assigned Female at Birth - Season 1 Teaser

    Intersectional LGBTQ web series coming to OTV June 1, 2023.

    Three trans couples struggle with traditional marriage while their community comments on everything.

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S1, E1): The Dress and the Hair

    Zander wants to get married in a dress, but Sofia's not having it. Meanwhile, the other trans men speak their truth, Makayla's chorus of Black women talk about hair and their mothers, and Makayla finds Daire, a new queer therapist. Zander relates zir manifesto.

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S1, E2) Size and Siblings

    Zander's sister Melanie fights back against fatphobia with her doctor, Daire remembers falling in love with Bailey right before seeing Melanie as a client for the first time. (And finding out Melanie is potentially suicidal.)

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S1, E3) Having Babies

    Zander wants to have a baby and Sofia is again, not having it. Other parents weigh in, but Zander turns to his friend Carl, Makayla's husband. Meanwhile, Makayla goes to see Sofia and fails a Bechdel test.

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S1, E4): Lighting a Fire with Pee

    Daire's chorus of people with disabilities talk about ableism. Bailey asks Daire to marry them, but Daire needs time to consult with their personalities. Bailey consults about wanting a penis. Melanie tries to get Sofia and Zander to make up.

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S1, E5): The Non-binary Peeps at the Potluck

    Daire and Bailey tell the story of how they met after chorusing with other non-binary people. Sofia shows up at Zander's after moving out and Melanie makes another peacemaker attempt.

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S2, E1) Acceptance and Rejections

    Zander only wants to get pregnant, and zir mother, Phyllis, choruses about it not being so great. Zander then receives Phyllis' advice about what to do with Sofia, while Makayla runs into Daire's office without an appointment to announce that Carl's gone. Sofia has no place to go, so asks if she ...

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S2, E2) - Any and All Parts of You

    Daire confronts Melanie about being suicidal. Makayla, waiting in Daire's office, then tells Melanie that Zander slept with Daire back in the day. Bailey pushes Daire to decide about getting married. They decide to do it the following week.

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S2, E3) - S-E-X and Lessons from Mom

    The AFAB's chorus about sex. Melanie asks Phyllis for help, but doesn't get it. The AFAB's chorus about their mothers, leading to Makayla talking to her mother's ghost and getting a final answer.

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S2, E4) - Since When Are We into Goth?

    AFAB's chorus about coming out. Zander and Sofia miss each other so much they talk to empty spaces as if the other one was there. Dale interrupts Sofia praying to Frida Kahlo and suggests making up might be a better idea. (Sofia, as usual, isn't having it.) Meanwhile, Daire and their personaliti...

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S2, E5) - Cut the Crap

    Bailey goes to an AA meeting to cope with sabotaging the wedding. Zander and Phyllis sit in the hospital waiting to hear about Melanie. AFAB's chorus about injury and mortality. Melanie sees the same doctor, who isn't really any more helpful. Makayla comes to the hospital to win Carl back. Then D...

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S2, E6) - Make Up, Already!

    AFAB's chorus on aging and mortality. Sofia shows up at the hospital. Meanwhile, Daire talks to Melanie and comes out as multiple. Zander interrupts and promises to care for Melanie and raise a child as a family. AFAB's chorus on the power of hope.

  • Assigned Female At Birth - Season 3 Trailer

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S3, E1) - Beds on Saturday

    Zander is depressed. Carl is beyond horny and turns to Sofia for help. Daire wants a real wedding, but Bailey only wants a van. Zander's non-binary friend Jonah shows up and convinces everyone to go to speed dating. Meanwhile, Makayla catches Sofia and Carl looking at dating sites...on Sofia's bed.

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S3, E2) - Can I Date You Both?

    Dale tells Melanie he's bipolar. She's not into the conversation or him. Meanwhile, Sofia hears Carl having very loud sex with his first hookup. Zander has an anxiety attack at speed dating. Then Sofia shows up and confronts the woman who just slept with Carl, before running head on into Zander. ...

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S3, E3) - Trouble in Paradise

    Zander is in afterglow with sapiosexual Mia and transcendent Trey until Mia finds out neither of them knows who Noam Chomsky is. Melanie finds out that Daire is the queer therapist for everyone in the community; and in a jealous fit outs Daire as multiple. Bailey freaks out when Daire goes to s...