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Front and Center
  • #OTVTonight: A Window Into Love | Coming to the MCA May 28th

    The intersectional late show, #OTVTonight returns to the the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago May 28, 2024.
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  • The Exorcism of Mary Magdalene: A Divine Intervention


    The Exorcism of Mary Magdalene: A Divine Intervention is an exploration of belonging, through a liminal state of placelessness. Through the iconography of Mary Magdalene and their narrative contextualities, I resurrect the archival yet contemporary transgenerational reckonings & beckoning's of di...

  • Reality Is Not Good Enough

    Movie + 1 extra

    Experimental comedy-drama, Reality Is Not Good Enough (2021), coming March 1, 2024.
    Reality Is Not Good Enough is created by Rashayla Marie Brown.

    Reality Is Not Good Enough is a sensitive and humorous tribute to the director’s mother, who dreamed of being a reality TV star, no matter how expl...

  • Sunflower


    Short drama by Elizabeth Tawose.

    In a world where fair and light-skinned women are seen as the standard of beauty, high school student Amari Stevens struggles to see the beauty in her dark brown skin color. When Amari is rejected by her crush Cameron Jones, for her “lighter” friend Kiara Willia...

  • Darling Shear

    2 seasons

    Darling Shear: Season 2 is now streaming!

    Darling Shear, is a two-season 14-episode docu-series by Diana Quiñones Rivera, that follows Darling Shear as she choreographs a piece for 6 dancers rooted in the tradition of Hollywood musicals. Through rehearsals, everyday life, and performances, Darli...

  • Swimming the Psalms of Seas


    Film created by Reggie Davis coming March 1, 2024.

    The movies we watch and the music we listen to have an undeniable effect on our state of mind. And so why not harness the influential power of cinema by watching movies with inspiring social and mindfulness rich content. That stimulates the pro...



    Short drama by George Ellzey Jr.

    CONTENT WARNING: Alluded physical violence and strobing lights.

    Life forces one to confront their deepest wounds and the person who impaired them in unexpected times and fashion. Bosom is a dramatic short set in one location with two characters and years of unr...

  • 2024 | OTV Theme Reveal


    Every year, we are presented with the opportunity to push our audiences, challenging them to reach across tables, aisles, and borders, and empowering them to embrace the unknown. We hold onto the keys that will unlock the transformative power needed to amplify our collective testimony, moving far...