Lucky8 Playlist

Lucky8 Playlist

Playlist curated for screening at Lucky8 OTV Studio activation in 2023.

Lucky8 Playlist
  • Coming to the #OTVAPP September 1 - Extended Trailer

    Titles coming to the #OTVApp September 1st.

  • Greene - Trailer

    The movie Greene is about a 28-year old black gallery owner, Marcus Greene, who is struggling to find peace with the fractured remnants of his life, however, due to Marcus's depressive state his gallery has been failing, despite the efforts of his brother-in-law and is now facing foreclosure. Thi...

  • #OTVFellows 2023 Commercial

    Directed + Edited by: Sarah Minnie
    Filmed: Candice Majors

    On Screen:
    Sarah Minnie

    Shaan Dasani
    Vee Hua 華婷婷
    Adana Reid
    Lena Elmeligy
    Marlo A. Viriña
    Deja Harrell
    Grace pt Tran
    Aquarius Ester Alegria

  • Adullam - Trailer

    A young Chicago woman with a well-kept secret enjoys a typical day in the south suburbs.

  • JADE - Trailer

    When Jade 'clashes' (read: is on the receiving end of racist behavior) with yet another teacher, her high school guidance counselor demands that she see the new school therapist. Having had terrible experiences in the past, she is very skeptical, even with her big brother's words of encouragement...

  • Something Like Intimacy - Trailer

    A timid woman attends a costume party and rediscovers true intimacy in ways she doesn't expect.

  • Prodigy - Trailer

    "Prodigy" by Bouy Films is a music film that explores the artist's journey in surrendering his expectations of love

  • Open Television Organization Commercial (2023)

    OTV | Open Television is a non-profit streaming platform and media incubator for intersectional storytelling, with artists and their creative visions at the center. Since launching in 2015 as a research project housed at Northwestern University, OTV has transformed the way the film and television...

  • Brothers from the Suburbs - Trailer

    Brothers from the Suburbs is a short-form digital comedy series that chronicles the highs and lows of three awkward black teens coming of age in a predominantly white, suburban, private school environment.

  • Converting the Webseries - Trailer

    A South Asian intercultural couple navigates their complexities together and apart.

  • JustLatasha's Inner Actions - Trailer

    A sketch comedy series from a Black Bi woman's sense by 2022 #OTVFellow Latasha Mercer.

  • Sexuality Out Loud - Trailer

  • Futurewomen: Season 2 - Trailer

    A virtual reading of Ma(s)king Her, an Afrofuturist dance theater work collectively authored by Honey Pot Performance and a community of primarily Black woman-identified artists. The first season of the three-episode docu-series Futurewomen chronicled the development and first performance of the ...

  • Intergalactic Pizzaboy - Trailer

    It's the year 20XX, pizza has become the number 1 resource in the galaxy. Meanwhile a space Pizzaboy is pushed to his limits from his job. His boss won't cut him a break and even worse space pirates constantly ruin his daily commute. When the PizzaBoy finally gets to talk to them he realizes he n...