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  • #OTVretrospective

    1 season

    OTV Retrospective is a reflection on the past five years of the organization’s journey. Co-founders Dr. Aymar Jean Christian and Elijah McKinnon take viewers on a cinematic tour of its humble beginnings as a research project answering the simple question “do intersectional stories matter?”

    The ...

  • The Hoodoisie
    1 season

    The Hoodoisie

    1 season

    Chicago and America’s only bi-weekly underground live, live-streamed and web news show disseminating block-optic and radical perspectives on culture and politics occurring in different gentrifying neighborhoods every episode.

    Each Hoodoisie episodes delivers radical perspectives, knowledge and c...

  • Kickin’ It w/ KK + Eli

    1 season

    Kristen and Elijah, of Reunion Chicago, spill the T on running an impact-driven space prioritized for LGBTQ+ folks and communities of color in Chicago.

    REUNION is an art gallery, event space and project incubator located in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood. Event/cul...

  • Been T/Here
    1 season

    Been T/Here

    1 season

    How do trans* people of color thrive? Join Chicagoans on their journey to find love, creativity, and healing in BeenT/Here. America may be discovering trans* people, but they've been here all along. Peel back the hype to share genuine moments with a nerdy immigrant, a kinky organizer, a catholic ...

  • Nupita Obama Creates Vogua

    1 season

    #OpenTVPresents: NUPITA OBAMA CREATES VOGUA, the first of a series of pilots about artists exploring alternative relationships.


    What are the principles of pleasure? How do we unlock the barriers to intimacy? Who hold the key to our desires? Join PrEP4Love and community partners for our first LIVE taping of ‘Pleasure Principle’ — a turn-to-relevance talk show exploring intimacy, pleasure and sex in the age of radical eroti...

  • Two Queens In a Kitchen

    3 seasons

    Two Queens In a Kitchen is a turn-to-relevance cooking series that features a rotating cast of guest-hosts from the #OTVcommunity.

  • PrEP4Love presents Lucy's Black Gay Gameshow (LIVE)

    Lucy Stoole’s Black Gay Gameshow is the first-ever gameshow featuring ultra black and ultra gay trivia. Intersectional contestants test their excellence for a chance to win cash prizes, surprise giveaways and more. Who will walk away as the legendary winner of the first-ever, Black Gay Gameshow?...

  • OTV Community presents Lipstick City Premiere

    A recap of the premiere of Open TV Presents: Lipstick City, produced and edited by Sean Magner.

    WATCH THE PILOT: https://vimeo.com/opentv/lipstick-city-by-shea-coulee