5 Episodes

After leaving rehab, Chuck, a trashy trans-masc narcissist, feels ready to turn a new page – only to make an even bigger mess of their already f*cked-up life

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  • Recovered (S1, E1)

    Episode 1

    Chuck is reluctant to leave rehab and in a final attempt to not have to go back tot he real world tries to seduce their rehab counselor.

  • Recovered (S1, E2) - DMT-ed

    Episode 2

    Chuck goes on a date for the first time since leaving rehab.

  • Recovered (S1, E3) - Legal-ed

    Episode 3

    Chuck goes to their best friend's funeral and has to fulfill a legal pact made in 2016.

  • Recovered (S1, E4) - Kermit-ed

    Episode 4

    Following the aftermath of the fiasco and fucking at the funeral, Chuck relapses and goes on a vision quest with Kermit.

  • Recovered (S1, E5) - Big Magic-ed

    Episode 5

    The morning after the funeral fiasco Chuck is corned by a mom and her teen on the street.