Staff Picks: Chris Walker

Staff Picks: Chris Walker

A curated selection of OTV favorites from Head of Marketing and Exhibition, Chris Walker.

Staff Picks: Chris Walker
  • You're So Talented

    2 seasons

    You're So Talented is a series following Bea, an out of work Chicago actor, as she navigates her twenties and all of its inevitable dramas.

  • Cape Town Royalty Programme


    A team is hired to shoot an ad for a company inviting Europeans to buy luxury homes in Cape Town.

    Comedy/Mockumentary by Sound Camera Dala (Vidal Thaver, Max Fouchee, Simone Momplé, Lona Sipika, Liye...

  • I Am the Impossible


    "I Am the Impossible" created by Tulsi Behl, Brendan Harvey, Recel Wynsley Tonelada, Catalina Curbishley, Rebecca Chan and Atom Inions Morton

    An experimental film takes a dancer on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Using an original remixed versio...



    Five dancers, five styles, five expressions of masculinity conjured through an element of nature. Air, water, ether, fire and earth combine to impress the memory of an abandoned steel mill into the natural world it now resides.

  • Hotline
    1 season


    1 season

    Hotline is a murder mystery about Attorney Hazel Clarke. She is a straitlaced perfectionist who only cares about winning court cases. That all changes when her estranged sister Chelsea shows up. Hazel wrestles Chelsea out of her house but not her life. Soon after their reunion, Chelsea's dead bod...

  • Visibility Sucks!


    Visibility Sucks is a 24-hour glimpse into the life of an artist suffering from a major identity crisis after a global pandemic sends him plummeting from the limelight to working in a grocery store. Shard, the protagonist, takes the viewer on a surreal journey as he tries his best to regain a sen...

  • These Thems

    1 season

    "These Thems" is an award-winning comedy series following the lives of four friends as they navigate gender, sexuality, and the delightful messiness of New York City's queer community.

  • Caroline
    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    Short film written by Juli Del Prete, produced by Diana Pérez Riveros now streaming on OTV.

    22 year-old Caroline enters the audition room with a big smile, a laundry list of special skills, and a fresh diploma from the one of the best theatre programs in the country. On the other side of the tab...

  • Stuck In Reality

    1 season

    Stuck in Reality follows two friends, Liz and Riya, who manage a bookstore and find themselves constantly taken advantage of by customers, friends, and even family members. At the beginning of each episode, Liz and Riya live out their fantasies of how they genuinely want to react to everyday situ...

  • Edible


    Short film coming to OTV October 12, 2022.

    Secrets are revealed the night Celeste and her girlfriend Sara try an edible marijuana cookie.

    Damaris Chambers
    Rotana Tarabzouni
    Tara George
    Chances Williams
    Muhsin Fliah

    Writer/Director/Producer: Kandis Go
    Executive Producer: Dwayne Dugger...

  • CODA



    CODA is a coming-of-age story that asks us to consider the passing of time and what it means to us.



    Short film by George Ellzey Jr. now streaming on OTV.

    Language is the building block of every civilization which shapes culture, identity, and community. Accompanied by contemporary dancer, Deja Hood, SWITCHIN' explores African American communication habits and the policing of said language for ...

  • Andrew In Anotherland


    A voice bigger than the stage, Andrew Sa has been surprising audiences in small clubs for years but what he has planned for a Millennium Park debut is even larger. As part of the city’s Year of Chicago Music, and the Millennium Park Music Series, CIVL (Chicago Independent Venue League) has invite...

  • Ghareeb غريب

    1 season

    Ghareeb غريب is about three Egyptian American women navigating assimilation, belonging, tradition & transformation.

  • Lipstick City by Shea Couleé

    In the world of Lipstick City Miss Couleé and Shea exact revenge on Miss Couleé's unfaithful husband.

    // CAST //

    Mrs. Couleé // Shea Couleé
    Shea // Shea Couleé
    Chic // Kim Chi
    Chic's Henchwoman // Lucy Stoole
    Seductress // Valentine Addams
    Mistress // Sara Andrews
    Chaffeur // Trannika Rex

  • Starving Artists

    1 season

    Chicago comedy duo Aasia and Dewayne go to extravagant lengths to reach their goals of international stardom and complete world domination. A show about being young, gifted, and black in a world that praises straight, white, and wack.

  • Code-Switched

    1 season

    Code-Switched follows the interconnected lives of five South Asian-American friends trying to blaze their own trails in a world of fleeting relationships, high-expectations, and gentrified workplaces. Messy and constantly in a state of feeling “in-between,” the squad of Zara, Rahul, Priya, Joe, a...

    2 seasons


    2 seasons

    BRUJOS is a queer-of-color, radically politicized web series following four gay Latino doctoral candidates--that are also witches. They navigate magic, sexuality, and surviving a witch-hunt led by a secret society of white heteronormative male descendants of the first New World colonizers.


  • Freaky Phyllis

    1 season

    Freaky Phyllis is a 4- part comedy web series that follows the life of an elderly widow who feels like she hasn't truly lived and begins to go out, party and date!

  • Two Queens in a Kitchen (S2, E1)

    Open TV founder and head of development Aymar Jean Christian and head of marketing Elijah McKinnon chat about the conception of Open TV, claiming space and the future of artistic incubation in the digital age while making a fresh avocado salad and witchy libations.

  • Two Queens In a Kitchen (S2, E2)

    Kristen Kaza and Coriama Couture chat about the power of pleasure and the importance of building a femme future while making banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and tossed chicken salad.

  • Two Queens In a Kitchen (S2, E3)

    Rashaad Hall and Nathaniel Tenenbaum chat about the keeping it real, respecting your self-worth and the importance of diversity within the arts while making overnight oats and strawberry bruschetta.

  • Two Queens In a Kitchen (S2, E4)

    Oli Rodriguez and Felicia Holman chat about how to develop transferable skills, the power of the young mind, and how queer economies impact art and culture while making a Miami salad a fresh berry and shaved coconut salad.

  • Femme Queen Chronicles

    FEMME QUEEN CHRONICLES follows four black trans women as they navigate through love, life, shade, and trade in the city of Detroit.