Take Me to the Queers: LGBTQ+ Narratives

Take Me to the Queers: LGBTQ+ Narratives

Explore OTV's rich, intersectional content through these programs that center LGBTQ+ experiences.

Take Me to the Queers: LGBTQ+ Narratives
  • Assigned Female At Birth - Season 3 Trailer

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S3, E1) - Beds on Saturday

    Zander is depressed. Carl is beyond horny and turns to Sofia for help. Daire wants a real wedding, but Bailey only wants a van. Zander's non-binary friend Jonah shows up and convinces everyone to go to speed dating. Meanwhile, Makayla catches Sofia and Carl looking at dating sites...on Sofia's bed.

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S3, E2) - Can I Date You Both?

    Dale tells Melanie he's bipolar. She's not into the conversation or him. Meanwhile, Sofia hears Carl having very loud sex with his first hookup. Zander has an anxiety attack at speed dating. Then Sofia shows up and confronts the woman who just slept with Carl, before running head on into Zander. ...

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S3, E3) - Trouble in Paradise

    Zander is in afterglow with sapiosexual Mia and transcendent Trey until Mia finds out neither of them knows who Noam Chomsky is. Melanie finds out that Daire is the queer therapist for everyone in the community; and in a jealous fit outs Daire as multiple. Bailey freaks out when Daire goes to s...

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S3, E4) - Are We in a Fucking Polycule Now?

    Sofia has to make a decision while AFAB's chorus on dating. Melanie walks in on the menage a trois. Zander tells everyone zi wants a baby. Phyllis searches for a place to live. Daire tries to cope with Melanie's verbosity in therapy. Serene breaks up with Carl and he freaks out. Makayla catches ...

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S3, E5) - Not a Son

    Daire's ex refuses to help Zander. Daire's clients start to quit after learning Daire is multiple. Melanie asks Dale to kiss her. Zander goes to a support group for parents at the UU and finds moms of queer kids. This inspires zi to go see zir mother, who is now living with two pot smoking septua...

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S3, E6) - Whose Session?

    Sofia tries to avoid temptation by calling Sam. After an epic fail, she hits on Carl, who has a new job working with the police. Black and mixed race women and non-binary people chorus on Blackness, racism and pride. Makayla walks into Melanie's therapy session with Daire. Melanie outs Daire, aga...

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S3, E7) - Apparently You Can Be Greysexual

    Bailey calls everyone trying to help Daire, while Daire is doing their own therapy with their personalities.

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S3, E8) - When in Doubt, Bring a Minister

    AFAB's chorus on ability. Carl takes care of a sick Sofia who suspiciously can't smell or taste. He confesses how he feels about her. Bailey brings a minister to save Daire, who scurries to hide evidence of their multiplicty. The minister doesn't help. Neither does Bailey. At all. AFAB's chorus o...

  • Is Anybody Out There? - Teaser

    Stylized movement opera coming to the #OTVApp June 1.

  • Is Anybody Out There?

    In this stylized movement opera, our heroes navigate sexuality, gender, and isolation as they try to make contact with the outside world through dance, prose, & music.

  • TRANSFINITE - Trailer

    TRANSFINITE is a trans-POC centered film with animations and magical realism.


    TRANSFINITE is a sci-fi omnibus feature film composed of seven standalone short stories where supernatural trans and queer people from various cultures use their powers to protect, love, teach, fight and thrive.

  • The Lisa B. Experience - Trailer

    The Lisa B. Experience comes to OTV June 1st.

    Lisa B will offer a rare alternative of her incredibly popular, Unpolitical Woman Comedy Show, called the VERY POLITICAL WOMAN Comedy Show in honor of Black History Month.

    Powered by lululemon and #blkcreatives, Lisa Beasley, brings her comedic pro...

  • The Lisa B. Experience

    Lisa B will offer a rare alternative of her incredibly popular, Unpolitical Woman Comedy Show, called the VERY POLITICAL WOMAN Comedy Show in honor of Black History Month.

    Powered by lululemon and #blkcreatives, Lisa Beasley, brings her comedic prowess to Tribe Supper Club to make you laugh, but...


    Five dancers, five styles, five expressions of masculinity conjured through an element of nature. Air, water, ether, fire and earth combine to impress the memory of an abandoned steel mill into the natural world it now resides.

  • Hotline - Trailer

    Hotline is a murder mystery about Attorney Hazel Clarke. She is a straitlaced perfectionist who only cares about winning court cases. That all changes when her estranged sister Chelsea shows up. Hazel wrestles Chelsea out of her house but not her life. Soon after their reunion, Chelsea's dead bod...

  • Hotline (S1, E1) - Babe, You’re on TV!

    Hazel is scheduled to do a press conference on behalf of her law firm, but she is fearful of facing a grim discovery.

  • Hotline (S1, E2) - Wannabe Oprah

    Jen pushes Hazel into the limelight and they both get more than they bargained for.

  • Hotline (S1, E3) - Cute, Rich, White Guy!?

    Hazel is confronted with an uncomfortable truth at work and is forced to take on a new client.

  • Hotline (S1, E4) You Promised

    Worlds begin to collide and Hazel wants to bury her head in the sand.

  • Hotline (S1, E5) - T.S Betty Crocker

    Hazel gets heated about her work and ice cold with her love life.

  • Hotline (S1, E6) Aren’t You Proud Sis

    Hazel tries to focus on her new life, while Erica focuses on her life outside of their relationship.

  • Hotline (S1, E7) Where, at Trader Joe’s

    Mike applies pressure and gets closer to Pastor than ever before; Hazel doesn’t realize that a storm is brewing.