The North Pole

The North Pole

2 Seasons

Best friends Nina, Marcus, and Benny love to let anyone and everyone know that they were born and raised in North Oakland, CA - better known to locals as 'The North Pole.' As their long-time neighborhood changes into a hostile environment, the three friends fight, dream, and plot hilarious schemes to remain rooted in their home. Facing both gentrification and climate change, they combat evil landlords, crazy geoengineering plots, and ultimately each other.

The North Pole
  • The North Pole - Season One Trailer

    Episode 1

    The North Pole is a political comedy web series that hits on our generation's biggest social issues: Gentrification. Global warming. Gluten-free donuts.

  • The North Pole - The Complete First Season

    Episode 2

    The North Pole is a political comedy about today's most pressing social issues: Gentrification. Global Warming. And Gluten-Free Donuts.

    Written and Produced by Josh Healey
    Directed by Yvan Iturriaga
    Produced by Darren Colston
    Associate Producers: Dania Cabello, Mecky Creus, and Aleixo ...