The Right Swipe

The Right Swipe

2 Episodes

When best friends India and Margo team up to start the Right Swipe, a business fixing men’s dating profiles, they have only three rules:

One: They must use their powers for good. Two: They charge on a sliding scale. Three: They can’t sleep with their clients. Or date them. Or flirt with them.

Unluckily for India, an emerging screenwriter, their first client is hella-woke, hella-hot, hella-single filmmaker Elijah. They have an instant connection, and pretty soon India’s broken rule number three... many times. Things are going better for Margo. At first. She’s abandoned her dreams of being the next Annie Leibowitz to study for the LSAT with the help of her almost-boyfriend and nicest dude alive, Danny. But everything changes when a ghost from her past contacts her through The Right Swipe...

As they deal with their own romantic entanglements, Margo and India serve as romantic consultants to a diverse cast of clients: a trans man, a queer poet, a hotep, and more. As a series, The Right Swipe asks: What are the challenges of dating at various intersections of marginalized identity? Do we fall in love with people, or the versions of them that we create? Can we forgive someone we love who has hurt us while still advocating for ourselves?

The Right Swipe
  • The Right Swipe (S1, E1)

    Episode 1

    When best friends Margo and India start a business fixing men's dating app profiles, how much will they f&*k up their own love lives in the process? THE RIGHT SWIPE is a romantic comedy web series exploring the challenges of dating at various intersections of marginalized identity.

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  • The Right Swipe (S1, E2)