2 Episodes

Raven is a late twenty-something bougie-mixed-with-a-dash-of-hood Black girl juggling her burgeoning job as a professional dating site profile writer and a professional dating flop. She has mastered the art of intimacy without being intimate: the best friend, the confidant, the wingwoman for dudes.

  • WingChick (S1, E1) - Hatched

    Episode 1

    After a specifically daunting speed-dating session, Raven turns to her friends to consider an out-of-the-box strategy to meet a potential mate. But, news from her partner-in-crime, Michael throws her for an unexpected loop.

  • WingChick (S1, E2) - Fried Hard

    Episode 2

    Secretly reeling from Michael’s silly relationship getting serious, Raven seeks to avoid him at astronomical levels and decides to corral her girlpack for an impromptu outing to a Groupon-esque event. Raven’s parents decide to explore an open marriage, throwing her for a loop.