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Assigned Female at Birth, a queer web series about some bodies

Assigned Female at Birth (S1, E2) Size and Siblings


Up Next in Assigned Female at Birth - Season 1

  • Assigned Female At Birth (S1, E3) - H...

    Zander wants to have a baby and Sofia is again, not having it. Other parents weigh in, but Zander turns to his friend Carl, Makayla's husband. Meanwhile, Makayla goes to see Sofia and fails a Bechdel test.

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S1, E4): Li...

    Daire's chorus of people with disabilities talk about ableism. Bailey asks Daire to marry them, but Daire needs time to consult with their personalities. Bailey consults about wanting a penis. Melanie tries to get Sofia and Zander to make up.

  • Assigned Female at Birth (S1, E5): Th...

    Daire and Bailey tell the story of how they met after chorusing with other non-binary people. Sofia shows up at Zander's after moving out and Melanie makes another peacemaker attempt.