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Futurewomen (S1, E2) - The Characters

Blackity Black Pride

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  • Futurewomen (S1, E3) - The Quest

    Futurewomen is an alternate reality series about the creation of black superheroines!

    In this episode, we explore the stories of the characters in Honey Pot Performance's Ma(s)king Her, a dance-theater work of speculative fiction about empowered future beings and journeywomen.

    Ma(s)king Her is ...

  • Let Go and Let God

    This film is dedicated to people who are struggling with the grips of depression and wondering if there is a way out. In Let Go and Let God she finds her release through dance. The movement stirs her soul to the point where it brings her back to life and she makes a commitment to live again, to t...

  • Searching for Isabelle

    While being held captive, Isabelle discovers a mysterious ability to project herself to the outside world. When she appears to her friends in a desperate appeal for help, they work together to try and find her - but time is running out.

    Created, written and directed by Stephanie Jeter