Easy Abby

Easy Abby

2 Seasons

Abby likes women. And sex. A lot. Abby can tune into the needs of her many lovers, but she’s full of anxiety otherwise. So she stays busy juggling affairs, friends, and her bipolar Mother. She dreams of
living in Costa Rica and studying coral reefs, but Abby has yet to leave the Midwest.

Easy Abby
  • Easy Abby (S2, E1) - Dating While Depressed

    Episode 1

    Abby is in the biggest funk of her life and hasn’t left her apartment in 2 weeks, so best pal Eileen tries to coax her out. (9:19)

  • Easy Abby (S2, E2) - Spirits were High

    Episode 2

    Eileen gets stuck under a piano which forces Abby to come help her. Then in the midst of getting Eileen’s dating profile posted, Abby gets an urgent call about her Mother.

  • Easy Abby (S2, E3) - There is No Middle

    Episode 3

    While visiting the Psych Ward after her Mother’s manic depressive episode, Abby meets sexy troublemaker Alicia in the Snack Room. Introducing Tuckie White as Alicia, Lia Mortensen as Marilyn Walker, and Meg Thalken as Nurse Lorna.

  • Easy Abby (S2, E4) - Sugar and Cigarettes

    Episode 4

    Abby tries to sort out her Mother’s treatment plan with a wise nurse and a jerk doctor, and bonds with flirting Alicia over family mental illness. Featuring Guest Cast: Chris Mathews as Doctor Poole.

  • Easy Abby (S2, E5) - The Abby Principle

    Episode 5

    While Abby gets her Mom released from the Psych Ward, her buddy Stan hosts a party where it turns out most of the guests have slept with Abby. Alicia shows up uninvited. (9:00)

    Introducing Keight Leighn as Abby Walker

    Featuring Guest Cast: Shannon Noll, Jessica Kadish, Nelson Rodriguez, Billy ...

  • Easy Abby (S2, E6) - All Sorts of Therapy

    Episode 6

    Abby reluctantly moves back in with her Mom to save money for school, then Alicia convinces Abby to take her to a lesbian bar.

    Featuring Guest Cast: David Goodloe as Neighbor Greg.

  • Easy Abby (S2, E7) - Thrush is Also a Bird

    Episode 7

    Abby takes Alicia's bait and winds up having a wild night with her, despite concerns about staying true to Danielle who is in Italy.

  • Easy Abby (S2, E8) - Return Policy

    Episode 8

    Marilyn (Abby's Mom), attends group therapy but ends up having to wrangle the women back to order after the counselor abandons them.

    Featuring Guest Cast: Marilyn Campbell-Lowe, Adria Dawn, Jennifer LaForte Hoos, Katie Burgoon, Nadia Oussenko, and Heidi Tehilla Newman.

  • Easy Abby (S2, E9) - Funny in a Gay Way

    Episode 9

    After going around the world with Alicia, Abby takes a breather by going to yoga and a comedy club with friends. But Alicia is an expert tracker.

    Featuring guest cast Tamale Sepp, Shannon Noll, and Jessica Kadish.

  • Easy Abby (S2, E10) - Dr. Tuck Will See You Now

    Episode 10

    Eileen accompanies Abby to the clinic after strenuous sex leaves her feeling a bit "itchy.

    Featuring Guest Cast: Sapna Kumar

  • Easy Abby (S2, E11) - Patty the Pineapple

    Episode 11

    Alicia wheedles her way into Abby’s Mom’s good graces, and finds a new way to make a long-lasting impact on Abby’s life after their slumber party.

  • Easy Abby (S2, E12) - Rude Awakening

    Episode 12

    Abby finally lets her guard down and seeks comfort from her Mother, after waking up to a bitter betrayal.

  • Easy Abby (S2, E13) - Cold Leftovers

    Episode 13

    Detective Lydia Banks has to deal with a dysfunctional lesbian couple as they wait in a therapist lobby.

    Featuring Guest Cast: Guinevere Turner, Haviland Stillwell, and Anna Margarita Albelo.

  • Easy Abby (S2, E14) - So Much All the Time

    Episode 14

    Abby goes to an ecstasy-fueled party and starts to feel like her old self again. Then Danielle shows up unexpectedly.

    Featuring Guest Cast: Dalila Ali Rajah, Lianna Carrera, Julia Pels, Sapna Kumar, and Amy Dellagiarino.

  • Easy Abby (S2, E15) - Wheels Up

    Episode 15

    Eileen’s vintage RV allows for a long-awaited reunion between Abby and Danielle, but will the star-crossed lovers know what to do next?

    Featuring Guest Cast: Mouzam Makkar