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Easy Abby S2 E12: Rude Awakening

Season 2, Episode 12 , ,

Up Next in Season Two

  • Easy Abby S2 E13: Cold Leftovers

    Detective Lydia Banks has to deal with a dysfunctional lesbian couple as they wait in a therapist lobby.

    Featuring Guest Cast: Guinevere Turner, Haviland Stillwell, and Anna Margarita Albelo.

  • Easy Abby S2 E14: So Much All the Time

    Abby goes to an ecstasy-fueled party and starts to feel like her old self again. Then Danielle shows up unexpectedly.

    Featuring Guest Cast: Dalila Ali Rajah, Lianna Carrera, Julia Pels, Sapna Kumar, and Amy Dellagiarino.

  • Easy Abby S2 E15: Wheels Up

    Eileen’s vintage RV allows for a long-awaited reunion between Abby and Danielle, but will the star-crossed lovers know what to do next?

    Featuring Guest Cast: Mouzam Makkar