Latinx Stories

Latinx Stories

A collection of series, pilots, short films, and video art representing Latinx stories and voices.

Latinx Stories
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    A collection of series, pilots, short films, and video art representing Latinx stories and voices all in one continuous playlist.

  • Intergalactic Pizzaboy


    It's the year 20XX, pizza has become the number 1 resource in the galaxy. Meanwhile a space Pizzaboy is pushed to his limits from his job. His boss won't cut him a break and even worse space pirates constantly ruin his daily commute. When the PizzaBoy finally gets to talk to them he realizes he n...

  • #OTVLIVE: That Shit's Trans

    Diva Latina and trans doll Irregular Girl invites one trans guest to discuss media that's totally trans - even if it isn't!

  • Two Queens In a Kitchen (S2, E4)

    Oli Rodriguez and Felicia Holman chat about how to develop transferable skills, the power of the young mind, and how queer economies impact art and culture while making a Miami salad a fresh berry and shaved coconut salad.

  • Two Queens In a Kitchen: (S1, E5)

    Roy & MSMRJR chat about political demonstrations vs. protests and creating access to the resources that people need while making a shaved asparagus salad and guacamole. #2QiK

  • Two Queens In a Kitchen: (S1, E5.2)

    Roy & MSMRJR chat about side hustles and the power of releasing oneself from obstacles while making a shaved asparagus salad and guacamole.

  • Two Queens In a Kitchen (S1, E3.2)

    Ricardo & James chat about the movement for Black lives and the media's impact on social activism while making brochettes and a shrimp cocktail.

  • Two Queens In a Kitchen: (S1, E3)

    Ricardo & James chat about the intersection between art and activism while making melon brochettes and a spicy shrimp cocktail.

  • Two Queens In a Kitchen (S1, E2)

    Cqqchifruit & Darling Shear chat about the power of a home-cooked meal and the flow of capitalism while making a tostones de Cqqchifruit and Caprese Lox.

  • Two Queens In a Kitchen (S1, E2.2)

    Cqqchifruit & Darling Shear chat about mindfulness and how to combat ‘perfection’ while making a tostones de Cqqchifruit and Caprese​ lox.

  • In Real Life

    1 season

    Four millennial best friends stumble their way into adulthood amidst shifting identities, relationships, and questions of what it means to be there for your friends and community.

  • You're So Talented

    2 seasons

    You're So Talented is a series following Bea, an out of work Chicago actor, as she navigates her twenties and all of its inevitable dramas.

  • #4TheQulture - Fernando Garcia: The Astrology of Creativity

    Fernando teaches us how to understand our creative process based on our natal chart.

    Fernando is an artist and creative astrologer based in Guadalajara, México. He was focused his work in filmmaking, photography and performance art. He has found in astrology and tarot a creative and nurturing wa...

  • Born & Raised

    1 season

    Set in the gentrifying neighborhood of Logan Square, Chicago, the series offers intimate portraits of a community exploring their own expressions of Latinidad, while struggling with change, displacement, and resistance.

  • Molasses: The Drip

    Watch what happens when a group of Black trans and non-binary people get hooked on Molasses. Starring originally music by BoneReader, Zola Makeda, and Cae Monae along with vignettes of Molasses Chicago members at an impressive location.

  • Afternoon Snatch

    1 season

    Afternoon Snatch is an unapologetically queer web comedy about heartbreak and the importance of community.


    2 seasons

    Attempting to hold their family together, the YGQ learns how to love and accept themselves as they navigate secret hook-ups, mental-crises and a series of scandalous shenanigans. But as the tight-knit clique attempts to heal from previous traumas they must collectively face the consequences that ...

  • Brown Girls

    1 season

    Brown Girls is an intimate story of the friendship between two women of color. While Leila and Patricia come from completely different backgrounds, their friendship is ultimately what they lean on to get through the messiness of their mid-twenties.

  • Been T/Here (S1, E4) - Practicing Love

    In search of accomplices, frenemies, and boy toys, Karari is learning how to best love others and herself.

    2 seasons


    2 seasons

    BRUJOS is a queer-of-color, radically politicized web series following four gay Latino doctoral candidates--that are also witches. They navigate magic, sexuality, and surviving a witch-hunt led by a secret society of white heteronormative male descendants of the first New World colonizers.


  • Border'd
    1 season


    1 season

    Three Hispanic siblings are called back to their hometown after a family tragedy that forces them to confront their ignored culture, past failures, and hidden secrets.

    Lauryn Lugo
    Adrian Nuno
    Andrew Nuno
    Michelle Jasso
    Armando Reyes
    John Magana
    Mateuz Wielomek
    Rose Konvalinka

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