New and Upcoming Releases

New and Upcoming Releases

Explore our new and upcoming additions to the OTV multiverse.

New and Upcoming Releases
  • HIVE
    0 seasons


    0 seasons

    Through a futurist lens, HIVE is a sci-fi anthology series that ponders the ways complex social issues may evolve through time and space.

  • These Thems

    1 season

    Coming to OTV in Fall 2021.

    "These Thems" is an award-winning comedy series following the lives of four friends as they navigate gender, sexuality, and the delightful messiness of New York City's queer community.

  • Low Strung
    2 seasons

    Low Strung

    2 seasons

    Season 2 premieres on OTV in Fall 2021.

    Shervin and Victoria experience a number of mini-adventures smattered with elements of the surreal, often blurring the lines themselves using mind-altering drugs. This lends a fresh, satirical, and often perplexing way for the viewer to vicariously experi...

  • Wake Up, Jaleela


    Wake Up, Jaleela is a short film about a girl trapped in a nightmare determined to wake up. In order to escape the dream, she embarks on a journey that challenges her to reasses the waking world.

  • Fear Rules This Forest


    In a forest that turns all of its inhabitants into trees, two sisters and their grandmother have eked out a means for survival. But, one sister yearns for more.

  • To Cross the Sunset


    Everything changes when the matriarch ensuring everyone’s survival decides it’s time for her to die.

  • Black Pill

    In a near-future techno-dystopia, a trans shut in named Ven orders a box of pills off a shady website that promises to make their aberrant and strange fantasies a reality.

  • #OTVLIVE: That Shit's Trans

    Diva Latina and trans doll Irregular Girl invites one trans guest to discuss media that's totally trans - even if it isn't!

  • #OTVLIVE: Sexuality Out Loud - The Dating Edition

    Four classmates find themselves on a deep-dive game show -- equal parts educational and pleasurable for the sake of pleasure. Meanwhile, Kaia gets some life-changing news. Enter an environment where young people have deeper conversations about sex, sexuality, and reproductive justice beyond the “...

  • Arabica
    1 season


    1 season

    An original web series from little Palestine explores a web of first-generation Arab-Americans as they navigate their immigrant community that has had decades of government surveillance shape an already complicated culture.

  • #OTVLIVE: Beyond the Bias

    Beyond The Bias is an experimental show created by Sal exploring the interrelationship of fashion, art, and culture by examining the creative process and journey of three Chicago-based artists.

  • #OTVLIVE: Know We Can

    Created by Chelsea Peterson-Salahuddin


    "Know We Can," is long-form, magazine-style news show featuring interviews with local Chicago Black and of color public intellectuals, activists, and artists about local and current events from an intersectional and Black feminist per...

  • #OTVLIVE: Queers Got Talent

    Queers Got Talent, created and hosted by Devin Niecy, is empowering and promoting creative expression in the LGBTQ+ community while showcasing their talents to the world. The talent show is set to a DJ Dapper soundtrack and includes queer icons Marquise Vilson, B Hawk Snipes, and J Mase III as ju...

  • Drive Slow
    Movie + 1 extra

    Drive Slow

    Movie + 1 extra

    Streaming on-demand on April 10, 2021.

    "Drive Slow", follows a teenager from the South-Side of Chicago attempting to finish his college essays. As he struggles to boil down his complex surroundings in 500 words, his friends' disparate opinions, racist news narratives, and the threat of lingerin...