South African Filmmakers

South African Filmmakers

Films, series, and video art created by South African filmmakers.

South African Filmmakers
  • Country Love


    Short film by Wapah Ezeigwe now streaming on OTV.

    A queer man returns home after 15 years only to discover that there is no reason for him to stay.

  • The Exorcism of Mary Magdalene: A Divine Intervention


    The Exorcism of Mary Magdalene: A Divine Intervention is an exploration of belonging, through a liminal state of placelessness. Through the iconography of Mary Magdalene and their narrative contextualities, I resurrect the archival yet contemporary transgenerational reckonings & beckoning's of di...

  • Kick, Push

    We follow a young girl's journey of self-discovery as she navigates her way through the city of Cape Town, creating new relationships through her love of skateboarding.

    Created by: Lumka Sibeko (she/her), Ashley Jacobs (she/her), Laska Harford (She/They), Kirsten Januarie (she/her), Banele Mthem...

  • Home is A Place You Burn Down

    Home is a Place You Burn Down is a journey through life, death, the body and ‘//Hui !Gaeb aka The City of Cape Town.

    Created by: Lili Ming (she/they), Priya Jeram-Patel (she/they), Cian Geraghty (He/Him), Saif Arbee (They/them), Sandulela Asanda (They/them) and Lukhanyiso Skosana (She/They)

  • Cape Town Royalty Programme

    A team is hired to shoot an ad for a new company 'Cape Town Royalty Programme' inviting Europeans to buy luxury homes in Cape Town.

    Created by: Vidal Thaver (she/her), Max Fouchee (they/them), Simone Momplé (she/her), Lona Sipika (she/her), Liyema Ntanjana (she/her) and Céline Tshika (she/her)

    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    After Reza, a non-binary rising performing artist from a township in Soweto, begins to settle into Johannesburg when Mase, a writer struggling to understand his identity, unexpectedly arrives into his life. Through their brief introduction they suddenly begin to reveal intimate vulnerabilities th...

  • Safe Outside

    Team Name: RETRO GAZE (Phiola Tesi Kayumba, Monthati Masebe, Khanyisile Peterson, Keza Cynthia R William, Neo R Paulus)

    Film Synopsis: A 24 year old has internalised the shame imposed on her about her sexuality. A 15 year old is settled in her expression of love. The moment in which they collid...

  • For everything there is a master key

    Exploring asexuality through lived experience.

    Team Name: Kamvehle (Brandon Ntuli)

    Brave Futures Film Race is an intersectional competition that challenges creatives, storytellers filmmakers of all levels to create an entire short film in 48 hours using one intersect...

  • On Photography

    An experimental film looking at the history of photography and the personal archive.


    Team Name: Mulberry Sunshine (Mela Khumalo and Lesole, Tauatswala)

    Brave Futures Film Race is an intersectional competition that challenges creatives, storytellers filmmakers of...

  • Nanobot Meets Siren

    A NANOBOT discovers a siren and introduces her their world and vice versa. New worlds.


    Team Name: SEI SIREN PRESENTS (Motsei Rangata, Janice Phiri, Amber Welkom, Chipego Mwiinga, Naledi de Wee, MWANJI THE WNDRKD)

    Brave Futures Film Race is an intersectional competit...

  • Correc

    An exploration of a visibly feminine queer boy whose existence is threatened by men, both queer and not, both closeted and open. He endures life with its tribulations and as they come but everything changes when a man, a stranger, a friend, a brother or a lover chooses to attempt to violate him b...

  • Sable Chameleon

    Having drifted away from her boyfriend of six months, Lotus boils it down to the fact that she's longing for something more - but does not know what exactly. Lotus shows her liberation through challenging the stereotypes and we see her 'ascend' from a space where she was once dazed and confused t...