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Designed for intersectional storytellers of all skill levels, these virtual classes are crafted to develop strong writers, directors and independent producers who identify with multiple communities. The #OTVSTUDYHALL series activates its attendees with hands-on workshops, courses and masterclasses taught by a diverse rotating cast of instructors and facilitators that have broken into film and television.

Curated by award-winning professors, coursework takes a hands-on and deeply intentional approach to walking artists through project and career development strategies, the basics of production, exhibition, and marketing, in addition to practical industry skills such as grant-writing, impact production, and how to prepare for a meeting with an executive.

Developing Your Artist Brand

Screening Writing and Story Development

Introduction to Producing

Marketing as Community Engagement

Film Financing

Grant Writing

Indie to Hollywood

Line Producing for Low Budget and Indie Films

Project Bible vs Pitch Deck

What Do Execs Want?

Impact Production

Worldbuilding & Collaboration

Navigating the Film Industry (coming to OTV in 2023)

  • 201. You Have a Script Now What? Line Producing for Low Budget/ Indie Films

    Episode 1

    This masterclass will be focusing on the steps that happen after you (a filmmaker, a producer, line producer etc.) receive a script. This course will cover:

    Script breakdowns (different tools that can help)

    Creating a budget using excel vs MMB (Movie Magic)

    What items should be accounted for ...

  • 202. Project Bible vs. Pitch Deck

    Episode 2

    Participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of project bibles vs pitch materials for shows and films. What is the difference between the two and why is it important to know when you have to create each one. This masterclass will get into the details of creating pitch materials such as EP...

  • 203. What Do Execs Want? A Conversation With an Exec and Repped Talent

    Episode 3

    What Do Executives Want?" introduces emerging writers and directors to how they can best position themselves to work with studios, production companies, major distributors, agencies and management companies. This course explores how artists can "package" themselves and their ideas to entice execu...

  • 204. The Art of Intention: Impact Production 101

    Episode 4

    Are you working on an amazing Film/TV project that you hope will mobilize a community? In this masterclass, OTV's Executive Director and Co-Founder, Elijah McKinnon will take you through the basics of designing an Impact Campaign for a film project that will raise awareness and inspire action. T...