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The Furies

The Furies: Gemma (S1, E1)

2m 52s

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    There’s a moment in the life of each hermit crab when they outgrow their shells, all of a sudden:
    one moment they fit, one moment they don’t. Shell-less. Home-less. Naked. They abandon their
    former shells to look for a new shell, not because they planned to, but because they have no
    choice but to...

  • The Furies: Sydney (S1, E3)

    Sydney heard the woman scream in the alley. Her boyfriend said it was more of a yelp than a
    scream. He told her to calm down. But how do you calm down when you hear someone being
    hurt? While they bickered over the meaning of words, Sydney heard a man call the woman a
    bitch, the woman cry as if st...

  • The Furies: Hannah (S1, E4)

    Hannah’s stomach is in knots. Maybe it’s because her youngest daughter hasn’t slept in three
    weeks. Maybe it’s because Hannah hasn’t slept in six. Yes. So perhaps it’s because she’s tired,
    and there’s barely enough time to drop off her eldest at school and then her youngest at daycare
    before she ...