Blackity Black Pride

Blackity Black Pride

Dive into these programs that celebrate the beauty in all things Black.

Blackity Black Pride
  • Mama Said

    Official Video for Roy Kinsey's Juke Skywalker Vol. 1 - Mama Said directed by Connor Weitz.

  • Models (S1, E2) - Gangs

    When Teddy joins a street gang that sells beets, Wanjiku, not wanting to be out-done, joins a Jane Austen themed group herself. Rigby must learn how to address Kitty's dangerous addiction to dryer sheets. Can he save his sister, his family?! Meanwhile, Jovanny struggles silently to secure a new s...

  • If I Was Your Girl (2012)

    IF I WAS YOUR GIRL is an intense pressure cooker drama centered on the chaotic affair between two interrelated lesbian couples. The story first chronicles the mentally draining relationship between Lynn and Stacia who have been dating for only a few months. Stacia is hopelessly in love with Lynn,...

  • Searching for Isabelle

    While being held captive, Isabelle discovers a mysterious ability to project herself to the outside world. When she appears to her friends in a desperate appeal for help, they work together to try and find her - but time is running out.

    Created, written and directed by Stephanie Jeter

  • Bronx Cunt Tour

    1 season

    Emerging Artists Nic Kay takes solo performance #LILBLK on the road in the Bronx cunt tour.

  • Triggers

    "Triggers" is a short film that centers Black women and girls’ trauma. A poetic journey through the weight of witness, the stories of Marissa Alexander and other instances of intimate partner violence that I witnessed as an adult and a child are central. I talk to my former little Black girl self...

  • If I Was Your Girl - Collection

    6 items

    A collection of films by Coquie Hughes.

    People let you see what they want you to see when you first meet them, but time always reveal the true essence of a person.

  • Starving Artists

    1 season

    Chicago comedy duo Aasia and Dewayne go to extravagant lengths to reach their goals of international stardom and complete world domination. A show about being young, gifted, and black in a world that praises straight, white, and wack.

  • Serial Dreamer

    4 items

    In Hair Story, a pilot for Serial Dreamer, residents of an artsy Black co-op tell their wild stories to an out-of-work drag queen as she styles their hair to pay her rent.




  • Hot Tea With the Hotties

    The Unfriendly black hotties are a collective of black drag queens that resembles a sorority.
    Led by Bambi Banks Coulee, Kenzie Coulee, Khloe Coulee, and Miss Toto the hotties strive to bring Black queers with strong voices to the forefront so they have the confidence to express themselves freely...

  • Opaque


    Music video in dystopian future by Midwest-based artist, Finnoh.

    Director - Elise Holowicki
    Producer - Andrea Raby
    DP - Joe Martinez Jr.

  • Yogma
    2 seasons


    2 seasons

    Karla, is a young smart yoga instructor with dreams of becoming a celebrity in the culture. Her starry eyes and optimism are met with conflict, confusion, and trouble in her rise to the top. She and her best friend Pasqual devise a plan for becoming the hottest thing on the yoga scene when they l...

  • Freaky Phyllis

    1 season

    Freaky Phyllis is a 4- part comedy web series that follows the life of an elderly widow who feels like she hasn't truly lived and begins to go out, party and date!

  • lululemon presents: Well & Black Variety Show ft. Roy Kinsey


    #OTVAPP subscribers can stream this program on-demand until March 31st at 11:59pm CST. You do NOT need a ticket to stream this program on-demand.

    In this hour we are celebrating Chicago's blackness by showcasing some of Chicago's finest musicians, performers, writers, and filmmakers. From behin...

  • Visibility Sucks!


    Visibility Sucks is a 24-hour glimpse into the life of an artist suffering from a major identity crisis after a global pandemic sends him plummeting from the limelight to working in a grocery store. Shard, the protagonist, takes the viewer on a surreal journey as he tries his best to regain a sen...

  • FORCE! Presents Cadenza Screening with Open Panel Discussion


    Recording of the livestream is available on-demand until 3/16/22.

    Cadenza is a musical film about Black women and femmes in the visitors' waiting rooms of a prison. Directed by Anna Martine Whitehead and Wills Glasspiegel, the film extends and documents FORCE!, an opera-in-progress by Whitehead,...

  • Shawnee Dez: Unplugged


    Contemporary Soul and R&B musician and southside native Shawnee Dez, performs an unplugged 3-part set accompanied by her trio Rene Cruz, Kenneth Leftridge and Eddie Burns. The performance is interspersed with with interview segments led by host Karla Huffman.

    Concert originally streamed on-time...

  • Club Chicago Television (CCTV)

    1 season

    Club Chicago Television, or CCTV

    A network where you can tune into a different queer club night every week.

    Over the summer of 2020, CCTV aimed to broadcast Chicago parties, DJs, performers, and organizations that are leading and shaping the way to a brighter future in Chicago. Each broadcast f...

  • Enraptured


    A woman takes the time to fulfill her partner's sexual desires.

  • Blk Wmn Bng


    A film about Black Women having the freedom to live in their truths without apology or permission.

  • Loneliness in the Late Night (LITLN)


    A young woman reluctantly confronts her feelings as she revisits a complicated relationship with an old flame.

  • The Briana Clearly Collection

    7 items

    A series of short films, music videos, and interviews from Chicago-based director, screenwriter, and self-published author Briana Clearly.

    Briana Clearly’s focus as a filmmaker is to tell Black Womxn stories. She believes in Black Womxn and other marginalized people owning their own narratives,...

  • #OTVLIVE: Know We Can

    Created by Chelsea Peterson-Salahuddin


    "Know We Can," is long-form, magazine-style news show featuring interviews with local Chicago Black and of color public intellectuals, activists, and artists about local and current events from an intersectional and Black feminist per...

  • #OTVLIVE: Queers Got Talent

    Queers Got Talent, created and hosted by Devin Niecy, is empowering and promoting creative expression in the LGBTQ+ community while showcasing their talents to the world. The talent show is set to a DJ Dapper soundtrack and includes queer icons Marquise Vilson, B Hawk Snipes, and J Mase III as ju...