Dance It OUT!

Dance It OUT!

Dance It OUT!
  • FORCE! Presents Cadenza Screening with Open Panel Discussion


    Recording of the livestream is available on-demand until 3/16/22.

    Cadenza is a musical film about Black women and femmes in the visitors' waiting rooms of a prison. Directed by Anna Martine Whitehead and Wills Glasspiegel, the film extends and documents FORCE!, an opera-in-progress by Whitehead,...

  • Darling Shear

    2 seasons

    Darling Shear: Season 2 is now streaming!

    Darling Shear, is a two-season 14-episode docu-series by Diana QuiƱones Rivera, that follows Darling Shear as she choreographs a piece for 6 dancers rooted in the tradition of Hollywood musicals. Through rehearsals, everyday life, and performances, Darli...

  • The Furies

    1 season

    The Furies is a series of five dance films that explore how social prohibitions against female anger limit self-actualization for women.

    Series written and directed by Jess King.

  • Geeta's Guide to Moving On

    1 season

    Geeta Gidwani is an all-American girl hopelessly in love with her Indian-American Prince Charming until one day, he dumps her--after 10 years of dating. She's totally heartbroken, moves in with her Indian parents, and learns to move on with the help of her family and her best friend.

    //CAST// ...

  • Futurewomen

    3 seasons

    Futurewomen - Season 2 premieres September 1st.

    Futurewomen documents women of color creating, through dialogues, story circles and performance workshops, a collective heroine who must adapt to oppressive environs and circumstances.

    It combines the drama of artistic creation, representations ...

  • Full Out
    1 season

    Full Out

    1 season

    A story of ambition, manipulation, betrayal, and self-discovery, Full Out follows a closeted dancer as she struggles to regain her glory following a devastating injury.

    Series written and directed by Jess King.

  • Bronx Cunt Tour

    1 season

    Emerging Artists Nic Kay takes solo performance #LILBLK on the road in the Bronx cunt tour.

  • Let Go and Let God

    This film is dedicated to people who are struggling with the grips of depression and wondering if there is a way out. In Let Go and Let God she finds her release through dance. The movement stirs her soul to the point where it brings her back to life and she makes a commitment to live again, to t...

  • Alexa Grae

    2 items

    A collection of films and video art by musical artist Alexa Grae.

  • Catch Desire

    1 season

    The CATCH DESIRE VISUAL EP is written and performed by Chicago-based OBGYN and rapper, Dr. Every Woman (aka Wendy Mcdonald), as well as appearances by local influencers, such as recording artist and model Syren, advocate and actor Damon Williams, choreographer and stylist Darling Shear, and danc...