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Femmes to the Front

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Femmes to the Front
  • The Right Swipe

    1 season

    When best friends India and Margo team up to start the Right Swipe, a business fixing men’s dating profiles, they have only three rules:

    One: They must use their powers for good. Two: They charge on a sliding scale. Three: They can’t sleep with their clients. Or date them. Or flirt with them.


  • Soy Reclamo

    ESPA˜NOL: Cuerpos que se fragmentan, cuerpos que quieren dejar de ser cuerpos. Cuerpos que reclaman su lugar en una fiesta. Cuerpos que reclaman su lugar.

    Bodies that are fragmented, bodies that want to stop being bodies. Bodies that claim their place at a party. Bodies that claim the...

  • Easy Abby
    2 seasons

    Easy Abby

    2 seasons

    Abby likes women. And sex. A lot. Abby can tune into the needs of her many lovers, but she’s full of anxiety otherwise. So she stays busy juggling affairs, friends, and her bipolar Mother. She dreams of
    living in Costa Rica and studying coral reefs, but Abby has yet to leave the Midwest.

  • Sunflower


    Short drama by Elizabeth Tawose.

    In a world where fair and light-skinned women are seen as the standard of beauty, high school student Amari Stevens struggles to see the beauty in her dark brown skin color. When Amari is rejected by her crush Cameron Jones, for her “lighter” friend Kiara Willia...

  • Darling Shear

    2 seasons

    Darling Shear: Season 2 is now streaming!

    Darling Shear, is a two-season 14-episode docu-series by Diana Quiñones Rivera, that follows Darling Shear as she choreographs a piece for 6 dancers rooted in the tradition of Hollywood musicals. Through rehearsals, everyday life, and performances, Darli...

  • Reality Is Not Good Enough

    Movie + 1 extra

    Experimental comedy-drama, Reality Is Not Good Enough (2021), coming March 1, 2024.
    Reality Is Not Good Enough is created by Rashayla Marie Brown.

    Reality Is Not Good Enough is a sensitive and humorous tribute to the director’s mother, who dreamed of being a reality TV star, no matter how expl...



    Short drama by George Ellzey Jr.

    CONTENT WARNING: Alluded physical violence and strobing lights.

    Life forces one to confront their deepest wounds and the person who impaired them in unexpected times and fashion. Bosom is a dramatic short set in one location with two characters and years of unr...

  • Adullam
    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    Everybody on the block knows Rasheeda. On a typical day in the Chicago Southland, she bumps into her close friend Femi at the park, checks out the newest dance craze, and chills with friends at your usual kickback. But while Rasheeda revels in Black joy, she also comes to terms with her reality, ...

  • The Lisa B. Experience


    Lisa B offerS a rare alternative of her incredibly popular, Unpolitical Woman Comedy Show, called the VERY POLITICAL WOMAN Comedy Show. The live show was during Black History Month, 2023.

    Powered by lululemon and #blkcreatives, Lisa Beasley, brings her comedic prowess to Tribe Supper Club to ma...

  • SOUL
    Movie + 2 extras


    Movie + 2 extras

    Mini documentary from Jibril Washington now streaming on OTV.

    A mini documentary focused on Dr. Rhoda Moise, a black female scientist, artist, & Egyptian yoga instructor. Her dream? Community health. She brings soul to science.

    Rhoda grew up with immigrant parents from Haiti and found a passion...

  • The Exorcism of Mary Magdalene: A Divine Intervention


    The Exorcism of Mary Magdalene: A Divine Intervention is an exploration of belonging, through a liminal state of placelessness. Through the iconography of Mary Magdalene and their narrative contextualities, I resurrect the archival yet contemporary transgenerational reckonings & beckoning's of di...

  • Caroline
    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    Short film written by Juli Del Prete, produced by Diana Pérez Riveros now streaming on OTV.

    22 year-old Caroline enters the audition room with a big smile, a laundry list of special skills, and a fresh diploma from the one of the best theatre programs in the country. On the other side of the tab...

  • KHAZANA (Treasured)

    1 season

    Series by Rahul Nath now streaming on OTV.

    Treasured tells the story of newlywed bride Vaidehi, who after undergoing emotional, mental and ultimately physical abuse takes a stand and sets out to take her revenge on those who destroyed her.

  • Edible


    Short film coming to OTV October 12, 2022.

    Secrets are revealed the night Celeste and her girlfriend Sara try an edible marijuana cookie.

    Damaris Chambers
    Rotana Tarabzouni
    Tara George
    Chances Williams
    Muhsin Fliah

    Writer/Director/Producer: Kandis Go
    Executive Producer: Dwayne Dugger...

  • A.I. Mama


    A young programmer attempts to revive their lost mother by building an A.I. with human memories. A.I. Mama is a post-cyberpunk short featuring Kei, a young programmer who attempts to resurrect their lost mother by coding an A.I. that can input childhood memories. Shot handheld on raw black & whit...

  • Fuzzy Legs
    Movie + 1 extra

    Fuzzy Legs

    Movie + 1 extra

    Amina, a Pakistani-American girl, starts her first day of middle school in the suburbs of Chicago. She quickly finds out, it's not all what it's cracked up to be and having hairy legs doesn't help.

  • Pictures Only


    Set in 1950s Bronzeville, Louise Parker is facing eviction from her home. Desperate to keep her independence and status, she is introduced to a lucrative performing opportunity. While attempting to keep this new venture a secret, she simultaneously gains popularity, risking being exposed to and d...

  • HER: a micro-série

    1 season

    Dramedy series now streaming on OTV.

    HER: a micro-série is a Coming-of-Age Dramedy about a Black Bisexual Woman who struggles with high functioning depression as she navigates her late twenties. Imani finds escape through dance, dating apps, family, & friends.

  • Models (S1, E2) - Gangs

    When Teddy joins a street gang that sells beets, Wanjiku, not wanting to be out-done, joins a Jane Austen themed group herself. Rigby must learn how to address Kitty's dangerous addiction to dryer sheets. Can he save his sister, his family?! Meanwhile, Jovanny struggles silently to secure a new s...

  • Craft Service

    2 seasons

    Welcome to Craft Service.

    A talk show experience that shares recipes for nourishment, recipes for success, spells, and stories

    I believe that with imagination, play, and application, we can create the world that we want to see.

    If you believe this too this is the show for you!

    If you don't b...

  • F*ck Stan
    1 season

    F*ck Stan

    1 season

    Three friends road trip to Peoria to pull off a heist only to find that their target is a lot more complicated than they first thought. Written and Directed by Marrissa Coccaro, F*CK STAN is a three-part story that explores consent, responsibility, and consequences in a light-hearted foul mouthed...

  • Black Girl Magic

    4 seasons

    Black Girl Magic is a drag show starring a lineup of all black performers. Queens pay tribute to important black women with a diverse showcase that captures the breadth of talents and creativity within black drag community. Tune in LIVE with The Vixen every month!

  • Nanobot Meets Siren

    A NANOBOT discovers a siren and introduces her their world and vice versa. New worlds.


    Team Name: SEI SIREN PRESENTS (Motsei Rangata, Janice Phiri, Amber Welkom, Chipego Mwiinga, Naledi de Wee, MWANJI THE WNDRKD)

    Brave Futures Film Race is an intersectional competit...

  • These Thems

    1 season

    "These Thems" is an award-winning comedy series following the lives of four friends as they navigate gender, sexuality, and the delightful messiness of New York City's queer community.