Femmes to the Front

Femmes to the Front

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Femmes to the Front
  • Sable Chameleon

    Having drifted away from her boyfriend of six months, Lotus boils it down to the fact that she's longing for something more - but does not know what exactly. Lotus shows her liberation through challenging the stereotypes and we see her 'ascend' from a space where she was once dazed and confused t...

  • Safe Outside

    Team Name: RETRO GAZE (Phiola Tesi Kayumba, Monthati Masebe, Khanyisile Peterson, Keza Cynthia R William, Neo R Paulus)

    Film Synopsis: A 24 year old has internalised the shame imposed on her about her sexuality. A 15 year old is settled in her expression of love. The moment in which they collid...

  • Capacity

    Calen, a queer black woman, navigates her inner turmoil, anxiety and worldly external forces while receiving guidance from her ancestor Dula to seek and find her fearlessness. She realizes she's always had the power within to conquer her fears, and find her brave future.

    Created by: #TeamCalend...

  • Dont @ Me (Please)


    don’t @ me (please) is a SlamFam Ensemble digital show that explores the “unprecedented times” we have been living in by blending poetry and film. Together, our ensemble of poets will ask all the burning questions that we need the answers to right now: how do you measure growth and progress when ...

  • #OTVLIVE: Know We Can

    Created by Chelsea Peterson-Salahuddin


    "Know We Can," is long-form, magazine-style news show featuring interviews with local Chicago Black and of color public intellectuals, activists, and artists about local and current events from an intersectional and Black feminist per...

  • Futurewomen

    3 seasons

    Futurewomen - Season 2 premieres September 1st.

    Futurewomen documents women of color creating, through dialogues, story circles and performance workshops, a collective heroine who must adapt to oppressive environs and circumstances.

    It combines the drama of artistic creation, representations ...

  • The Haven
    1 season

    The Haven

    1 season

    The under-paid staff of a domestic violence shelter grapples with the messiness of their personal lives while trying to help their clients embark on abuse-free futures. A houseful of traumatized and temporarily homeless women—each with their own specific emotional baggage—means nearly constant ch...

  • Filmmaking While Femme Roundtable Talk

    Movie + 1 extra

    This International Women's Day join women and femme-filmmakers Ashley O'Shay, Elena Valentine, Stephanie Jeter, and host, Sarah Minnie as they discuss their journeys in the film industry, how they have thrived over the years, challenges they've overcome, and more.

  • Working Grrrls

    69 items

    Playlist curated by OTV Head of Exhibition (2020) Chris Walker. Shows that revolve around the workplace or an artist's career.

  • If I Was Your Girl - Collection

    6 items

    A collection of films by Coquie Hughes.

    People let you see what they want you to see when you first meet them, but time always reveal the true essence of a person.

  • FOBia
    1 season


    1 season

    An Indian immigrant woman adapts to life in America with her American roommate and Indian neighbor while dealing with cultural misunderstandings and general mayhem in FOBia.

    Written and created by Priya Mohanty.
    Directed by Reshmi Hazra Rustebakke.

  • Symbiotic
    1 season


    1 season

    Series created by Rachel Greenhoe about young queer people with invisible (and visible) disabilities trying to make their way in Chicago.

  • Femmes to the Front

    34 items

    Programs with femmes at the center that will leave you feeling good.

    Playlist curated by OTV Head of Artist Development and Production (2022) Sarah Minnie.