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  • Code-Switched (S1, E1)

    Code-Switched follows the interconnected lives of five South Asian-American friends trying to blaze their own trails in a world of fleeting relationships, high-expectations, and gentrified workplaces. Messy and constantly in a state of feeling “in-between,” the squad of Zara, Rahul, Priya, Joe, a...

  • Damaged Goods (S1, E1)

  • Just Call Me Ripley (S1, E1)

  • The Vixen - Brujas

    The Vixen performs for #4thequlture 2020 as a part of the Most Fab Fabitat showcase.

  • F*ck Stan (S1, E1)

    Three friends road trip to Peoria to pull off a heist only to find that their target is a lot more complicated than they first thought. Written and Directed by Marrissa Coccaro, F*CK STAN is a three-part story that explores consent, responsibility, and consequences in a light-hearted foul mouthed...

  • Freaky Phyllis (S1, E1-2)

  • #4TheQulture - Kiam Marcelo Junio: Creative Energy, A Guided Meditation

    A Guided Meditation for Creative Energy.

    Kiam Marcelo Junio (b. Philippines) is a non-binary artist, certified holistic wellness coach, and US Navy Veteran. They hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and are currently completing a Master of Science i...

  • #4TheQulture - Lucy Stoole: The Power of Drag

    A chat around drag's power to bring awareness to political, social and cultural issues impacting the world - and more!

  • #4TheQulture - OTV Leadership: Making Inclusive Content

    Meet the dynamic team leading OTV and leave with a few tips on how to make inclusive content.

  • #4TheQulture - Fernando Garcia: The Astrology of Creativity

    Fernando teaches us how to understand our creative process based on our natal chart.

    Fernando is an artist and creative astrologer based in Guadalajara, México. He was focused his work in filmmaking, photography and performance art. He has found in astrology and tarot a creative and nurturing wa...

  • #4TheQulture - Benji Hart: On Solidarity: Heartbreak + Invitation

    Tune into this informative lecture on the transformative power of prison abolition as a trans and queer struggle.

    Benji Hart is a Chicago-based author, artist, and educator. Their essays and poems have appeared in numerous anthologies, and their commentary has been published at Teen Vogue, Time ...

  • #4TheQulture - Carolyn Collado: Recovery As Revolution

    A chitty-chat on recovery as a revolutionary, liberating practice that honors the freedom our queer and trans Black and brown ancestors dreamt of for us. Recovery as putting into practice community building and care, mutual aid, and decolonizing.

    Carolyn Collado (they/them) is a writer, decoloni...

  • #4TheQulture - adrienne maree brown: We Will Not Cancel Us, Revelations

    Tune into this beautiful, grounding mediation by adrienne maree brown inspired by revelations, thoughts and dreams that she has learned since the launch of her book "We Will Not Cancel Us."

    adrienne maree brown is the writer-in-residence at the Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute, and author of...

  • #4TheQulture - Jade T. Perry: Activism & Spirituality, A Guided Meditation

    Through guided meditation, participants will be able to identify the inner workings of spirituality and outer workings of activism. This practice will supply participants with tools they can apply in their lives.

    Jade T. Perry (M. Ed) is a BlackQueerDisabledFemme practicing Contemplative & Spir...

  • #4TheQulture - Queering the Parks

    Members of the Queering the Parks Youth Committee share their experiences of being part of Queering the Parks. The talk also examines how Queering the Parks allows space for the intersection of queerness and BIPOC experiences.

  • #4TheQulture - Tarot Readings with J Bambii

    Tarot Readings w/ J Bambii! Words of Support & Wisdom for you, from the Ancestors.

    Jasmine A Barber, also known as the rapper J Bambii, is a Tarot Reader, Artist, Educator, and cartoon-lover from the Southside of Chicago. She is the founder and creator of The Brown Skin Lady Show & the community...

  • #4TheQulture - Samer Owaida: Silence = Death

    Samer Owaida discusses the history of the AIDS movement in the USA and links it to body politics in Palestine while uplifting Black and brown leadership during the 80s and 90s.

    Samer Owaida is a grassroots organizer born in Palestine and raised in Chicago. He graduated in 2018 from Saint Xavier ...

  • #4TheQulture - Madison Moore: Fabulousness as Resistance

  • #4TheQulture - Joe Von Hutch of Daddy Magazine: Building Our Own Tables

    The co-publishers of DADDY Magazine reflect on 5 years of intersectional storytelling.

  • #4TheQulture - Goddexx: I Am

    Goddexx leads you through an I Am meditation.

    Hello Divinity,

    My name is La Espiritista or you can refer to me as Goddexx. (They/Goddexx)
    I am currently based in Seattle, WA in Duwamish territory.

    Some of my identities:

    I am Mixed Latinx (Indigineous, African, and European) with heritages f...

  • Queer Comedy 4TheQulture

    A very special virtual Queer Comedy Night hosted by Tribble. With performances from Lisa Beasley, DeWayne Perkins and Aasia Lashay Bullock.

  • #4TheQulture - LaSaia Wade & McKensie Mack: Business Beyond the Binary

    A dynamic conversation between LaSaia Wade (Brave Space Alliance) and McKensie Mack (MMG, #BoundaryWork) on the ways we can create better pathways for Trans/Gender Non-conforming leadership. Business Beyond the Binary is facilitated by Elijah McKinnon.

  • The Haven (S1, E1)

  • Night Night (S1, E1) - Chapter 1