SOUNDCHECK: Music Videos + Performances

SOUNDCHECK: Music Videos + Performances

All of our musical content in one place.

SOUNDCHECK: Music Videos + Performances
  • Roy Kinsey Collection

    2 seasons

    Music videos and programs featuring rap artist, Roy Kinsey.

  • Shawnee Dez: Unplugged


    Contemporary Soul and R&B musician and southside native Shawnee Dez, performs an unplugged 3-part set accompanied by her trio Rene Cruz, Kenneth Leftridge and Eddie Burns. The performance is interspersed with with interview segments led by host Karla Huffman.

    Concert originally streamed on-time...

  • Prodigal Sun


    Soon after Evelyn realizes she is transgender, her parents sense she is simultaneously experiencing mental illness. As Evelyn struggles for independence, afraid of losing herself to her role in her nuclear family, her parents must fight to keep her safe. Prodigal Sun explores this conflict from b...

  • Andrew In Anotherland


    A voice bigger than the stage, Andrew Sa has been surprising audiences in small clubs for years but what he has planned for a Millennium Park debut is even larger. As part of the city’s Year of Chicago Music, and the Millennium Park Music Series, CIVL (Chicago Independent Venue League) has invite...

  • Alexa Grae

    2 items

    A collection of films and video art by musical artist Alexa Grae.

  • lululemon presents: Well & Black Variety Show ft. Roy Kinsey

    The show was originally released in February 2022.

    In this hour we are celebrating Chicago's blackness by showcasing some of Chicago's finest musicians, performers, writers, and filmmakers. From behind the scenes to in front of the camera, Well and Black Variety Show is a celebration of black ex...

  • Visibility Sucks!


    Visibility Sucks is a 24-hour glimpse into the life of an artist suffering from a major identity crisis after a global pandemic sends him plummeting from the limelight to working in a grocery store. Shard, the protagonist, takes the viewer on a surreal journey as he tries his best to regain a sen...

  • Opaque


    Music video in dystopian future by Midwest-based artist, Finnoh.

    Director - Elise Holowicki
    Producer - Andrea Raby
    DP - Joe Martinez Jr.

  • Brand New Boy by Brandon Markell Holmes

    The music video for Brand New Boy by Brandon Markell Holmes, directed and edited by Briana Clearly, with cinematography by Ashley Battle.

  • FORCE! Presents Cadenza Screening with Open Panel Discussion


    Recording of the livestream is available on-demand until 3/16/22.

    Cadenza is a musical film about Black women and femmes in the visitors' waiting rooms of a prison. Directed by Anna Martine Whitehead and Wills Glasspiegel, the film extends and documents FORCE!, an opera-in-progress by Whitehead,...

  • Roy Kinsey: Mama Said

    Official Video for Roy Kinsey's Juke Skywalker Vol. 1 - Mama Said directed by Connor Weitz.

  • Catch Desire

    1 season

    The CATCH DESIRE VISUAL EP is written and performed by Chicago-based OBGYN and rapper, Dr. Every Woman (aka Wendy Mcdonald), as well as appearances by local influencers, such as recording artist and model Syren, advocate and actor Damon Williams, choreographer and stylist Darling Shear, and danc...


    6 items

    FUTUREHOOD is an artist collective, record label and media platform that provides an outlet for queer creators of color.

  • Black Girl Magic

    4 seasons

    Black Girl Magic is a drag show starring a lineup of all black performers. Queens pay tribute to important black women with a diverse showcase that captures the breadth of talents and creativity within black drag community. Tune in LIVE with The Vixen every month!

  • Roy Kinsey: BSAYF

    In this music video, Saya Naomi​ is faced with the reality that the person she thought was her friend is not. Through pain and spirituality, she finds true friendship and togetherness with her community. Roy Kinsey plays her intuition, her guide from shadow to light.

    // TRACK //

    Apple: https:/...

  • lululemon presents: Well & Black Variety Show ft. Roy Kinsey

    Movie + 1 extra

    Show originally released February 2022, streaming on-demand Juneteenth 2022.

    In this hour we are celebrating Chicago's blackness by showcasing some of Chicago's finest musicians, performers, writers, and filmmakers. From behind the scenes to in front of the camera, Well and Black Variety Show i...

  • Club Chicago Television (CCTV)

    1 season

    Club Chicago Television, or CCTV

    A network where you can tune into a different queer club night every week.

    Over the summer of 2020, CCTV aimed to broadcast Chicago parties, DJs, performers, and organizations that are leading and shaping the way to a brighter future in Chicago. Each broadcast f...

  • Make a Memory


    Evelyn Landow is a DIY filmmaker and musician. After spending years archiving home videos & recording two albums with her father during the pandemic, 'Make A Memory' is a hybrid film that celebrates the relationship with her father— a piece commemorating the playful love and memories that have re...

  • Inertia

    Inertia is a visual musical experience by Brandon Markell Holmes. An exploration of black thought, existence & trauma ; through the lens of [MODERN Technological Narcissism]&[The Civil Rights Movement] - into the premature journey of Black JOY , acceptance, Existential tyranny , Religion , Binary...

  • #BraveFutures Performance: MISS BOOGIE (2020)

    Tune in as Miss Boogie manifests fem queen joy at the 2020 #BraveFutures Awards Show. )

  • #BraveFutures Performance: DEMETRUEST (2020)

    Tune in as Demetruest teleports to a lush fantasy at the 2020 #BraveFutures Awards Show.

  • #BraveFutures Performance: TAYLOR ALXNDR (2020)

    Tune in as Taylor Alxndr reminds us how to fall in love at the 2020 #BraveFutures Awards Show.

  • #BraveFutures Performance: SATURN RISN9 (2020)

    Tune in as Saturn Risin9 activates the pop-star in all of us at the 2020 #BraveFutures Awards Show.