Strong Trans Lead

Strong Trans Lead

Fall into this curated selections of programs that uplift and celebrate the trans experience.

Strong Trans Lead
  • Queer Khalifa


    Inayat, a hijab-wearing cis woman, and Abdullah, a trans man, meet after ten years and try to make their teenage romance sustain cultural pressures. They have little time to address their differences- she's getting married to Musa this weekend.

  • Bros Before


    Elijah and Billy are two trans bros who just happen to enjoy jerking off together -- in a straight way! But when Billy starts dating a woman -- the intimidating, sharp-tongued Grace -- Elijah must come to terms with his feelings for Billy and his own burgeoning homosexuality.

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  • Emergence


    College freshman Tori arrives at college shortly after the pandemic and still carries trauma from her conservative high school. Tori is a transgender athlete and faces crippling gender dysphoria in various social situations, such as changing in locker rooms and making new friends. As a result, To...

  • The Exorcism of Mary Magdalene: A Divine Intervention


    The Exorcism of Mary Magdalene: A Divine Intervention is an exploration of belonging, through a liminal state of placelessness. Through the iconography of Mary Magdalene and their narrative contextualities, I resurrect the archival yet contemporary transgenerational reckonings & beckoning's of di...

  • Recovered
    1 season


    1 season

    After leaving rehab, Chuck, a trashy trans-masc narcissist, feels ready to turn a new page – only to make an even bigger mess of their already f*cked-up life

  • 35
    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    In this social thriller, Tonia Stanwell finds herself on a nightmarish quest through a mysterious government agency to get to her 36th birthday. As our protagonist navigates this surreal and absurd world hellbent on preventing her from getting to 36, we examine the social issues and portray the v...

  • AGENTS OF CHANGE: Project Polymer

    Movie + 1 extra

    AGENTS OF CHANGE: Project Polymer is a spy-genre short film featuring transgender actors of color in one of the most popular cinema genres in the world. Agents Evelyn Quinn and Guy Longani are on a mission to expose a network of dirty politicians involved in an illegal plastic dumping scheme spea...



    TRANSFINITE is a sci-fi omnibus feature film composed of seven standalone short stories where supernatural trans and queer people from various cultures use their powers to protect, love, teach, fight and thrive.

  • Assigned Female at Birth, a queer web series about some bodies

    3 seasons

    Assigned Female at Birth, originally fueled by the remote filming techniques and devised construction necessitated by the pandemic, blends mockumentary grid choruses with narrative storytelling in representing outlier identities in the queer community. The 35 characters, like their real-life coun...

  • Hotline
    1 season


    1 season

    Hotline is a murder mystery about Attorney Hazel Clarke. She is a straitlaced perfectionist who only cares about winning court cases. That all changes when her estranged sister Chelsea shows up. Hazel wrestles Chelsea out of her house but not her life. Soon after their reunion, Chelsea's dead bod...

  • Prodigal Sun


    Soon after Evelyn realizes she is transgender, her parents sense she is simultaneously experiencing mental illness. As Evelyn struggles for independence, afraid of losing herself to her role in her nuclear family, her parents must fight to keep her safe. Prodigal Sun explores this conflict from b...

  • Black Pill
    Movie + 1 extra

    Black Pill

    Movie + 1 extra

    In a near-future techno-dystopia, a trans shut-in named Ven orders a box of pills off a shady website that promises to make their aberrant and strange fantasies a reality.

  • Flock


    Flock is a trans-created dramatic thriller about a man traveling to Maine to rescue his lover from a lethal cult.

  • Femme Queen Chronicles

    FEMME QUEEN CHRONICLES follows four black trans women as they navigate through love, life, shade, and trade in the city of Detroit.

  • Just Call Me Ripley

    1 season

    Just Call Me Ripley is a coming out story where nobody cries! This comedic web series centers on ripley who’s group of diverse, queer, wacky friends will support her no matter what she decides about her sexuality - but that doesn’t always make things easier... (Ok maybe there’s a little crying).

  • THOTless - Pilot

    Living in Chicago under the weight of debt and constant microaggressions, a queer disabled Latina and her roommate, a Black trans sex worker, struggle to survive and thrive while searching for validation.

  • Bronx Cunt Tour

    1 season

    Emerging Artists Nic Kay takes solo performance #LILBLK on the road in the Bronx cunt tour.

  • Black Girl Magic

    4 seasons

    Black Girl Magic is a drag show starring a lineup of all black performers. Queens pay tribute to important black women with a diverse showcase that captures the breadth of talents and creativity within black drag community. Tune in LIVE with The Vixen every month!

  • Catch Desire

    1 season

    The CATCH DESIRE VISUAL EP is written and performed by Chicago-based OBGYN and rapper, Dr. Every Woman (aka Wendy Mcdonald), as well as appearances by local influencers, such as recording artist and model Syren, advocate and actor Damon Williams, choreographer and stylist Darling Shear, and danc...

  • #OTVLIVE: That Shit's Trans

    Diva Latina and trans doll Irregular Girl invites one trans guest to discuss media that's totally trans - even if it isn't!

  • Been T/Here

    1 season

    How do trans* people of color thrive? Join Chicagoans on their journey to find love, creativity, and healing in BeenT/Here. America may be discovering trans* people, but they've been here all along. Peel back the hype to share genuine moments with a nerdy immigrant, a kinky organizer, a catholic ...

  • Blaq In Bed

    2 seasons

    Come with questions and leave with answers. Blaq In Bed has been intentionally designed to provide folks with tips, resources and bravery needed to navigate complex spaces and discussions around intimacy, sex, disclosure and the fantasy.

  • Black Propaganda

    FUTUREHOOD is an artist collective, record label and media platform that provides an outlet for queer creators of color.

    Black Propaganda is a multi-media transmission featuring unreleased materials from the queer underground.

  • Southern for Pussy

    Over a long weekend, a mother and daughter discuss thinning vaginal walls and humiliate a handsome stranger.

    // CAST //

    Moxi // Zackary Drucker
    Patti // Penny Sori
    Jack // Geoffery Milam

    // CREW //

    Starring & Written by Zackary Drucker and Penny Sori
    Director // Zackary Drucker